The Secret of Uncle Moe (Shawarma Hub)

Our big day is just a year and two months away! I know I seriously have to shape up and look my best as I walk down the aisle towards Paul in my beautiful white gown.

I promise that I will start by, I have six days to enjoy and indulge!

Kidding aside, I've been wanting to start living healthy by going back to the gym, eating more veggies and fruits and learning to totally shun away all things evil or at least those that will eventually end up on my hips, thighs and arms.

It's easily said than done, believe me. For lunch today, we drove a couple of blocks down from our office to a cozy casual place called Uncle Moe's Shawarma Hub. My first encounter with Uncle Moe was last year when Paul and I had dinner at the City Golf complex in Ortigas.

I love kebabs and most especially I love the special Mediterranean salsa that is served together with my order. Since we were all starving, we got the Hummus (Php. 50) and Moutabal (Php. 50) with Pita breads. The Hummus (pureed garbanzo dip) is very fragrant while the Moutabal (pureed eggplant dip) has that smokey flavor that I liked very much.

For my main order, I got the Beef Kebab with Buttered Rice (Php. 130). That's indulgence #1 for you! One thing I fear most about beef kebabs is when the chef would grill it way too much leaving it charred and dry. Luckily, Uncle Moe's Beef Kebab was very juicy and tender. The butter rice was also delicious! I love long grain rice and I would always mix this with garlic sauce. Yum!

What's the secret?

After our meal, a colleague shared that the name Uncle Moe was actually derived from the owner's dog that's named Moe and that most of the recipes were just taken from a worldwide accessible source. Looks like he's one lucky dog! :)

Uncle Moe's Shawarma Hub is located along United street, Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig City. They also have a branch at the City Golf complex along Julia Vargas ave., Pasig City.

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