Snack Time: Masatami Shave Ice

I guess it's no secret that I love to snack! With my growing list of must-try snacks...maybe I should start a blog dedicated to just that. Watchatink? :)

Anyway, whenever Paul and I go to the mall, what we normally do really is to EAT! Sure, at times I get to buy a pair of shoes or a new outfit, sometimes we catch a movie but more often than not, we're most likely found at the food court area or along the row the restaurants checking every single one out.

masatami 1

Take for example our recent trip to Robinsons Galleria. The initial plan was to pay some bills and to do the grocery. However, we both spotted Masatami, a kiosk outside the supermarket that offers shaved ice desserts. Not the Mais con Yelo type but rather one that looks like a giant snow cone. Paul seemed very interested as he lingered quite long enough checking the menu out. I suddenly remembered receiving a couple of coupons from the owners of Masatami and after checking my bag if I have it, I excitedly waved the two coupons up to Paul.

We proceeded to the counter to hand in our coupons. One coupon allows us to try their Buko Pandan Shave Ice (Php. 60 / Php. 85) while the other was for us to try the Rainbow Shave Ice with Snow Cap (Php. 35 / Php 55).

masatami 3

Initially, both the Buko Pandan and the Rainbow Shave Ice are served with red beans. Sadly, they ran out of stock so we decided to just replace this with rice krispies. I was the first who tried the Buko Pandan and I liked the smooth snow-like ice shavings which really tasted like one of our favorite local desserts -- buko pandan. It wasn't very sweet and the rice krispies made it even more interesting as you get a crunchy bite in every scoop. It was very creamy and the sweetness level was just right. Needless to say, Paul had a few scoops of this but I claimed this shave ice as mine and enjoyed it till the last drop.

masatami 4

When we were handed the Rainbow Shave Ice, I was surprised by the size of this -- it was HUGE! Paul carefully brought this to the table and slowly dug in. The Rainbow Shave Ice consists of 3 flavors -- Strawberry, Banana and Bubble Gum. What makes it interesting is that this dessert shows 5 colors! It's a perfect way to show little kids how colors combine and creates a totally new color (eg: red + yellow makes orange!). Below the shaved ice is a scoop of vanilla ice cream and all these is top with what they call a Snow Cap. My guess is that it must be condensed milk and to replace the red bean, we once again had rice krispies. Paul loved the Rainbow Shave Ice but I find it a bit too sweet for my taste. He enjoyed the various flavors most especially the strawberry part.

Masatami Shave Ice is a good snack choice should you feel the need to cool down after a long day of shopping.

Find the Masatami Shave Ice in Robinsons Galleria (outside Robinsons Supermarket), Glorietta 4 and SM Mall of Asia.

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