Japanese Western Cuisine at Ma Maison in Greenbelt 2

ma maison 6

Stepping inside Ma Maison in Greenbelt 2, I can't help but recall a scene from one of my favorite movies -- Julie and Julia.

ma maison 7

I'm not sure why.. Could it be because of the kitchen set-up with copper pans and dainty-looking tea-cups?

ma maison 4

The restaurant gives off a very homey vibe that matches the line of European hostel keys that hangs by the cashier's area.

Ma Maison, after all, means My House when translated from French. We truly felt welcomed with the delightful service as well as the yummy food. We actually were able to try a lot of dishes majority of which were pretty good that Paul and I found ourselves back at Ma Maison days after.

ma maison 1

For starters, we had the Escargots Baked with Garlic Butter (Php. 385). I have a confession..in my many years of eating..I've..never...ever...ever...had...escagots. However, there will always be a first time and that happened at Ma Maison. I had not one...not two but three delicious escagots swimming in garlic butter on top a fiery hot salted bed. It was delicious! It totally erased the not so appetizing picture of eating snails for me and right now, I see it as a garlicky-buttery goodness.

ma maison 11

We also had the Camembert Cheese Fritters (Php. 385) which satisfied the cheese monster in me. I love camembert cheese and it was a delight biting into the deep-fried pocket with the gooey cheese oozing out. Yum!

ma maison 10

Our third appetizer was the Deep-fried Chicken Wings (Php. 245). Not bad but not as exciting as the first two starters.

ma maison 9

I love having some fresh salads as well before the main course and I truly enjoyed the Chasoba Salad (Php. 425). Imagine a bowl of cold green tea soba topped with sweet ham, scrambled egg, fresh tomatoes and cucumber slices drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise and sesame dressing. It was refreshing and delicious. I highly recommend this!

ma maison 12

We also had the Hamburger Steak (Php. 375) which was just a-ok for me. Next!

ma maison 16

While in Korea, I was able to try some Omu-rice, huge Japanese omelette filled with fried rice inside. Of course, being in Korea, they have added some kimchi flavor to the rice. I enjoyed it very much! In Ma Maison, what they have is the authentic Japanese Omu-rice (Php. 255). Minus the kimchi, it makes use of ketchup rice wrapped in omelette. Next time I will try the Beef Stroganoff Butter Rice (Php. 375) for a change.

ma maison 8

Noodle fans will enjoy the Curry Udon (Php. 325) which is a piping hot bowl of plump white Japanese noodles simmered in rich curry soup. I enjoyed this very much! The chewy noodles, the fish cakes and the yummy soup! I'd love to have this especially on a rainy day.

ma maison 14

For our main dish, we had the Scotch Egg (Php. 375). This reminds me of the Son-in-Law eggs that I tried at Nav Thai Cuisine. Only this one had the hard boiled egg covered with minced meat and served European style with potato salad and veggies. Sadly, not really my type. I'd have more of the Son-in-Law eggs any day.

ma maison 15

Lastly, we had the Tonkatsu Pork Cutlet (Php. 375). This one was a winner! We all loved the crunchy pork strips served with some potato salad and fresh cabbage. This makes a great choice during lunch outs with colleagues.

What a feast! We were all so full and satisfied with the delicious dishes served. I'd love to have more Curry Udon or some Camembert Fritters but I could hardly take another bite. However, we were told to save space for desserts and being obedient little kids, we really did saved space for it.

ma maison 3

First was the Frozen Green Tea Brazo de Mercedez (Php. 185). A truly indulgent dessert that gave a Japanese twist to the usual brazo. I enjoyed this very much as I love Matcha Green Tea.

ma maison 2

Paul, on the other hand, do not like green tea so he focused his attention on the second dessert. The White Chocolate Fruit Tart (Php. 195) is the type of dessert that looks light and healthy at first glance but go beyond the fruits and into the rich white chocolate cream filling then there you get your guilty treat. Almost everyone in the table enjoyed this dessert very much.

Feel right at home at Ma Maison as you get to unwind and enjoy a good meal in the company of your dear friends.

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Ma Maison is located at the Ground Floor, Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center, Makati City. Call them at 729-9122.

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