FIC present Vermont Classic Frozen Custards

I took the leap last Monday! For someone who is deadly scared of blood, vaccines and pain in general, I bravely headed to the dentist and had my bothersome wisdom tooth pulled out. To be honest, I was still hoping the pain caused by the irregular alignment of my poking wisdom tooth would go away but after days for not being able to chew on yummy pizza as well having difficulty in munching on chips and a lot more, I knew I HAD to do something. Happily, I survived the procedure and walked out of the dentist clinic alive.

I'm still undergoing a recovery stage now wherein all I can eat are soft and cold food items. For days, I have been eating mashed potato and ice cream every single meal. I love them very much but I think I have seriously went beyond my annual consumption quota for both already.

FIC vermont classic 5

Call it perfect timing that my friends over at Fruits in Ice Cream (FIC) sent over a bag filled with 3 pint containers of frozen delights. The labels says Vermont Classic Frozen Custard. Peering into the container, the content sure looks like ice cream. Reading up on it, I found out that Frozen Custard is very similar to Ice Cream only it has the addition of eggs in the mixture. It has less air too making it thicker and richer compared to your average Ice Cream.

FIC vermont classic 1

We didn't waste any time and immediately brought out our ice cream scooper and bowls right after dinner. We had three flavors to test earlier this evening: French Vanilla, Brownie Batter and Cheesecake.

To make things more exciting, we added in some toppings which were also provided by FIC.

FIC vermont classic 3

Using the Vermont Classic French Vanilla, we added in some slivered almonds and drizzled a small amount of honey on top. The effect? It was a very silky vanilla dessert that tasted more premium compared to any vanilla ice cream. I love how milky it was and the almond gave more personality and excitement to this all-white creation.

FIC vermont classic 2

Paul and I love Blueberry Cheesecake (or any cheesecake for that matter) and we both agreed that the Vermont Classic Cheesecake Frozen Custard was a winner. I love the thick and creamy ice cream with a bit of salty hints. The addition of the blueberry syrup and crushed grahams made it similar to having a slice of Blueberry Cheesecake.

FIC vermont classic 4

The last flavor was the Vermont Classic Brownie Batter Frozen Custard. I let my parents try this and to be honest, I was really surprised that my Mom loved this among all three flavor. You see, Mommy is really a healthy eater and I initially predicted that she would love the French Vanilla, but hearing her rave about how delicious the Brownie Batter was, I knew I had to try it myself. Papa also gave this a thumbs-up sign after tasting it himself. This is perfect for all chocolate lovers out there. What makes it special is that it's not too sweet allowing it to still be possible to add in some Maltesers and Hazelnut Wafer. Yum!

These delicious Vermont Classic Frozen Custard will be available at Lulubelle starting August 1. If you're excited to try this, head over to their launch on July 28-29,2012 at the South Court of the Powerplant Mall. I'll definitely be there so if you see me, please don't be afraid to say hi! :)

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Lulubelle has two branches : Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center in Makati City and at the Makati Medical Center.

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