Snack Time : McDonald's Big N' Tasty and Waffle Time

♫ These are a few of my favorite things...♫

Don't you just love afternoon snacks? This is probably the reason why most diets would require one to eat more frequent but small meals. Nibbling on crackers or munching on a fresh fruit is normally what people on a diet would have. However, there are far more interesting and definitely more mouthwatering snack options out there. In China, they have dimsum which when directly translated means "touch the heart". Bite-sized pieces that the Chinese would enjoy with their afternoon cup of tea. In Europe, they have their Afternoon Teas which normally comes with scones and tiny tea sandwiches.

Of course, we Filipinos have our own line-up of snacks and it ranges from the very savory pancit (noodles) to sticky kakanins (rice cakes), from all sorts of sweetened skewered fruits to my personal favorite, fishballs and kikiam sold in the street. Yum!

mcdonalds big n tasty

Lately, I have two new favorite snacks that I normally would have at least once a week. When McDonald's first launch their Big N' Tasty sandwich, people all over the internet have been talking about it. Celebrities taking photos of themselves and tweeting about it, bloggers writing about it and even people in my office would have them for lunch. It didn't take too long for Paul and I to finally troop over to our neighborhood McDonald's branch to try the much-talked-about Big n' Tasty (Php. 120 a la carte / Php. 145-Php. 165 meal) ourselves.

It came in a big box similar to my favorite Fillet o' Fish. The Big n' Tasty has 100% pure quarter pound beef patty seasoned with only salt and pepper. The simplicity of how the meat has been seasoned is done so to allow the flavor to come out. This is topped with cheese, lettuce, a slice of tomato, onions, pickles and that one ingredient that sets it apart -- a special smokey sauce.

Paul, who loves McDonald's Quarter Pounder, noted that the Big n' Tasty is closely similar to his favorite sandwich only it's made more gourmet with the inclusion of more veggies and the delicious savory sauce.

I love treating myself to a Big n' Tasty once in a while. I love having this with a medium Coke and Fries.

It's Waffle Time!

Waffle Time

Aside from McDonald's newest product offering, there are just times when I want to keep it simple and go for that one snack item that I've been having for years -- Waffle Time. Waffle dog is one of the many afternoon snacks that my parents would buy for Pan and I back when we were still in school. I love hotdogs and I love waffles too, put them together and it's really no brainer why I love waffle dogs! In fact, I can eat two waffle dogs in one sitting!

Waffle Time

Recently, Paul and I chanced upon a Waffle Time kiosk while doing our monthly grocery shopping. Feeling a bit hungry, we decided to buy a waffle dog each. However, as I got to the kiosk, I realized that there are more flavors available making it so hard to choose which one to get. My staples include the American Hotdog alternating with the German Cheese Franks or the Swiss Chocolate. That day, I was tempted to try more flavors such as the Tuna Salad, the Canadian Bacon, the Belgian Chocolate or the Ham and Cheese. What a big dilemma! I stood in front of the warm display glass doing my eeny-meany-miney-mo.

Waffle Time

Sensing that it will take me forever to choose, Paul decided to buy ALL the flavors for us to slowly try them at home.Thus, we ended up bringing home dozens of waffle to share with our families! Yay! Waffle Time Party!

Waffle Time

After trying a couple of waffles, I conclude that I love my staples best. In addition to this, I also enjoy the Canadian Bacon, the Tuna Salad and the Ham and Cheese too. As for the sweet variants, I still love the Swiss Chocolate the most. The good thing about Waffle Time's waffle is that you can easily store them in the refrigerator for consumption the following days and just pop them in the oven or the microwave oven to re-heat. It's so easy! I actually had waffles for lunch at work the next day.

The fun part is that the waffles range from Php. 10 to Php 20 only making it so affordable should you want to buy a box or more. I found out that there are more than 400 Waffle Time kiosks available nationwide making it readily accessible to everyone. Still, Waffle Time has yet to cover all 7,107 islands of the Philippines so they're still accepting franchisers.

These are the two main reasons why I am currently enjoying my afternoon snack break. :) How about you? What's your favorite afternoon snack?

*photo credits: McDonald's Philippines and Waffle Time

McDonald's Big n' Tasty is available in all Mcdonald's outlet nationwide. For deliveries, call 8-MCDO. 

Waffle Time is available in almost all major shopping malls and MRT/LRT stations. Log on to for the complete list of kiosks locations. 

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