No place to go but App : Sugar

Apologies for the corny title! It's midnight and I just had a nice wine pairing dinner so.. you now all know what alcohol can do to my sense of humor.

sugar app sg
Anyway, let me tell you about this nice food app that I came across with. It was during one of those dinners that I had with fellow bloggers a few months back that we started talking about the different food mobile apps available. As you know, we adore scoring great dining deals! After all, with our frequency of dining out, being able to save a little more here and there is indeed a big deal.

Meet Sugar!

Sugar is an interesting mobile app that allows users to either buy coupons instantly, skim it to reduce the price or to share the deal with their friends to lower it further. The only catch is one user in the entire Sugar universe can purchase the coupon. Thus, what normally happens is that the popular ones easily get snapped up within minutes. Fastest finger reigns supreme here.

sugar app sg
For instance, my first Sugar purchase was a cup of Flat White for only $0.80 from The Coffee Roasters. The price was unbelievable right? Normally, a cup of espresso-based coffee would range from $3.50 to $5 here and I got it for just a tiny fraction of the price! Needless to say, I enjoy my coffee down to the very last sip.

doi chaang 2
My next purchase was the Iced Doi Chaang from Doi Chaang Coffee in Clementi. Once again, I got this for only $2.60 while the original price is $6.50! Another win!

sugar app sg
One thing that I love about Sugar is that you can use the voucher instantly. Take for example that one time that I have to do some lunch errands, I checked the Sugar app and saw that Bergs is within the area. I quickly purchased the Chicken Burger voucher for $8.60. I was so shocked that this voucher entitled me to get the Bergs sized burger which was HUGE! The original price was at $13.50 so that's $4 off making it even more satisfying.

sugar app sg
Even Paul was impressed by the great deals that we have been getting from Sugar. Remember our dinner at Shirokiya where we got the Health & Beauty Hot Pot for only $14 instead of the menu price of $33.80.

These are just some of the great deals that we have availed and enjoyed using the Sugar app. I'm down to my last $7 but later on, I'll simply top up where I can choose my credits ranging from $10 to $100. Sweet!

Why I love the Sugar App
  • Very user-friendly 
  • Choice of merchants is quite impressive 
  • You can easily purchase and use on the spot 
  • Merchants seem to openly welcome the use of the app
  • You get free credit upon sign-up
  • Easy top-up system in app 
  • Great deals. Great deals. Great deals! 
Check out b either on the App Store or in Google Play. See more details here. 

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