North Asian Showdown at Marriott Cafe

Annyeong Haseyo! Konichiwa! 你好!

This just got to be one of the best culinary showdowns that has ever graced the kitchen stadium! In corner we got the fiery hot, yet ever colorful Korean cuisine. On the other side, there's the fresh and always attractively-packaged Japanese masterpiece. Last but not the least, the comforting flavors from China which most of us grew up with. This was definitely one thing that I couldn't miss during my recent trip back home and I got my entire family to enjoy it with me.

marriott cafe 13
Running up until October 15, 2015, this buffet will entice your taste buds with the gastronomic flavors from the North Asian region. This is indeed the time when Bibimbap, Pajeon, Sushi and Dimsum takes center stage.

You all know that Marriott Cafe is one of my favorite hotel buffets in Manila as I just love the wide selection of dishes available and it's presented in such as way that it doesn't overwhelmed you that you'll feel too full to really enjoy your meal. We loved it very much that every time we get to dine there, it just brings back a lot of wonderful memories. (Related posts: First EncounterSunday Brunch, and Flavor of Asia)

Let me walk you through the buffet area, okay?

marriott cafe 12
As you enter the cafe, you'll be greeting by this huge display of cheese and breads.

marriott cafe 11
Moving inward, why not warm your tummy with some Korean Hotpot? You can choose the ingredients that goes in your soup. I'm not really a fan of soup so I decided to skip this and...

marriott cafe 2
...opted to start my meal with a plate of smoked salmon with fresh salad instead!

marriott cafe 6
Another option is to check out the assorted dimsum selection which has been a daily mainstay in Marriott Cafe buffet line-up.

marriott cafe 7
They also have the roasted meats and Chinese soup noodles too.

marriott cafe 8
However, I preferred to get my meat fresh out of the grill and this is also where I can carefully choose what type of meat I'd like to have down to its specific done-ness too. I loved the Medium Well Rib-Eye Steak that I got which was served with peppery gravy.

marriott cafe 3
One thing you shouldn't miss is the Beef Bulgogi which has a nice sweet and savory flavor. It goes very well with rice too!

marriott cafe 15
Speaking of rice, there are a lot of main dishes available but I really focused on the North Asian selections such this interesting Bibimbap section where I was able to customize my own rice bowl. For one, I loaded up on kimchi, beef and bean sprouts for this. The serving was huge too so I ended up sharing it with the family. I know you shouldn't have a lot of carbs to fully make the most out of a buffet but with rice dishes like these, I can totally understand that it will be hard to resist. 

marriott cafe 1
I also got to try the Korean Pancakes which sadly failed to meet my expectations. It was a bit lacking in the flavor department and I must have thought it is similar to a pan-fried pajeon which is normally yellow, egg-y and filled with seafood and leeks. This one was a very thin white crepe with a generous amount of shrimp and that's about it. 

marriott cafe 14
For dessert, we went for our favorite homemade ice cream which had a mix of local and well-loved flavors. I paired this with sticks of marshmallows coated with milk chocolate from the fondue station. Take my word it, do not ever skip dessert at Marriott Cafe. You might just regret it. :)

Check out the North Asian Showdown at the Marriott Cafe running until 15 October 2015. That's two days to go so hurry!!!

Buffet rates:
Monday - Saturday lunch: Php. 1,900
Sunday - Thursday dinner: Php. 2,100

Marriott Cafe is located at No. 10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City Complex, Pasay City, Manila. Call them at 988-9999.

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