Highway Ribbery Grille in N.S. Amoranto, Quezon City

For the past few trips back home, Paul and I would purposely leave our schedules open as we would like to allot most, if not all, of our time to family. You see, we normally stay for a week at most and given that we don't really get to fly home on a monthly basis, we would make it a point to bond with our family and bestest friends whenever we can.

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However, during our recent trip home, we actually found ourselves alone as both families had something planned for the evening. Well, an impromptu dinner date is always good. Since we were already in Quezon City as we spent the day bonding with my Kongkong, we decided to check out Highway Ribbery Grille as it has been ranked as one of the top 15 restaurants in the Banawe area.

Admittedly, I'm not a good navigator so I took a screenshot of the map and showed it to Paul. One look, that's all it took for him to quickly know where we're supposed to head to. My husband is amazing. ♥ For those who are not so good with directions like me, the huge Ponciana's branch will be your landmark. As soon as you see that, Highway Ribbery Grille is slightly across it.

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We got there just in time for dinner and were able to quickly get a nice table outside. Since the weather was pretty cool, we didn't mind the al fresco dining. The menu was straightforward and simple. As the name would suggest, it specializes in grilled meats. That said, the menu is divided into several categories such as: Barbecue & Such, Chicken Wings, Grilled Burgers, Appetizers, Soup and Salad (but who really wants those, right?!), Side, Drinks and Desserts.

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We focused our attention towards the upper portion of the menu as we wanted to get our fill of meat, meat and more meat. For starters, I ordered the Poutine (Php. 195). Very interesting for a grillery to serve something very Canadian but hey, it's served with pulled pork and I'm interested to give that a try. Our fries came quickly and I love how they were very generous with the gravy and cheese sauce. The pulled pork worked well with the thick-cut fries which we enjoyed very much. Way to go, Highway Ribbery Grille! I'm happy to share that their Poutine was pretty impressive as far as fries covered with gravy, meat and cheese is concerned.

Just a disclaimer though, I've never been to Canada yet so I haven't tried the real thing. For those who have been, do give this a try and tell me what you think about it below.

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Of course, what's a visit to Highway Ribbery Grille without trying the Highway Ribbery Pork Ribs (Php. 255 / Php. 500). We were choosing whether to get the half rack or the full rack and were told to just go with the half rack because the cuts are quite big. Since we wanted to order more, we took our servers advice. This is the house special and it comes with your choice of rice, corn & coleslaw. In our case, we also got an additional order of Dirty Rice (Php. 65) as we're curious how that would taste.

See how tender the pork was? I was really surprised as I didn't expect it to immediately flake off with just a slight nudge of my fork. Actually, when it was served to us, I got my knife and told Paul that I will divide this into half. I only pierced it slightly and whoosh! Our half rack was immediately sliced into half. It was THAT tender. I couldn't stop raving about it that I just had to tell the world about it.

Taste-wise, the barbecue sauce was delicious. I have to say that this has immediately became one of our favorite ribs in Manila and I can't wait to fly home to have more ribs again. Perhaps, I should order more to let Papa and Kongkong try it as they're huge fans of grilled meat and ribs.

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Focusing on the sides, the coleslaw was yummy! I was surprised to find thin apple slices buried within the shredded carrots and cabbage. The Dirty Rice reminded me of Chinese fried rice only it's a bit on the drier side. As for the corn, Paul enjoyed this and said that it went very well with our orders that evening.

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To go with our huge platter of ribs, we also had the Highway Ribbery Chicken Wings (Php. 250/half dozen). I really have a thing for dishes that bears the restaurant's name. Somehow it gives me the impression that it must be their best-selling item or the Chef's masterpiece. Their wings are full-sized wings! This totally gives Highway Ribbery Grille some extra plus points as most restaurants would either offer the mid-joint or half of the wing. For half a dozen, you can choose 2 flavors and we went for the Sweet Chili Glazed and the Parmesan Butter.

Between the two, I love the wings coated with Sweet Chili Glazed more as it had a nice sweet taste with a mild spicy kick. It must be my training living in Singapore that my tolerance for spicy food has greatly improve. Yehey!

As for the Parmesan Butter, I have to admit that I think it still needs more improvement. The sauce was a bit too crumbly leaving the chicken a bit dry after sitting on the bucket for some time. Perhaps, I should try the Lemon Pepper Salt or just have Sweet Chili Glazed for all next time.

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Cheers #highwayribberygrille!
Over-all, we were patting ourselves at the back for our new foodie find. You see, for someone who doesn't have a lot of free days in Manila, every meal counts and I'm so glad that our dinner at Highway Ribbery Grille was really worth it.

Check out Highway Ribbery Grille at Unit 105 R Place Building, N.S. Amoranto Street, La Loma, Quezon City. Call them at +63-2-4161074.

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