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Our festive 4-day weekend has just ended but that doesn't mean it's the end of the Chinese New Year. In fact, it has just begun as Chinese New Year in Singapore runs up until the 15th day where we would get together again as a family and have bowls of tang yuan (sticky glutinous rice balls). This also means that you get to have more days to toss up for luck and prosperity with my ever-favorite Yu Sheng Salad!

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One of my favorite Chinese seafood restaurants here in the Lion City, Red House Seafood, has prepared a delicious line-up of dishes to enjoy this festive season. Given that most of the celebrations are done at home, they have very thoughtfully put together a Reunion Takeaway Tiffin Set which comes with 3 dishes of your choice. I remember Mommy and my Kongkong using these tingkats back then whenever they would take home food from any of our favorite restaurants. Seeing it again today has immediately brought back some good childhood memories.

Should you prefer to gather the family for a nice meal at the restaurant, they also got a couple of Annual Dinner Set Menus you can choose from. Let me share some of the ones that I love and I highly recommend for you to try.

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Of course, what's a Chinese New Year celebration without doing lo hei? I love how Red House Seafood has kept the traditional taste of the Prosperity Raw Salmon Yu Sheng but with an interesting twist of dragon fruit mixed into the plum sauce.

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Next, we had the Sauteed Trio of Seafood with Pineapple in Chef's Spicy Sauce. I'm happy to share the the spicy level is very manageable. It's a yummy mix of scallops, grouper fillet and prawns stir-fried in their homemade Peranakan-inspired sauce and served with fresh pineapples to give you that sweet-sour kick. You'll love how flavorful this is that there's no way you can have this without a bowl of rice.

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Similarly, the Braised Pork Belly with Special Sauce was my favorite dish that evening. It reminded me of Kongkong's Pata Tim (braised pork knuckles in dark soy sauce). I just enjoyed biting into the tender slice of pork belly which has a thick layer of fat on top but once I take that off, I can thoroughly enjoy each layer of meat which was so tender. The sauce had a yummy savory-sweet taste to it making it so good with rice.

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Should you want something fancier than plain white rice, then go for the Steamed Fried Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf. This one had two things that I love about rice -- fried rice + one that's mixed with mushrooms, chestnuts and yam. Needlessto say, it's like a marriage between my favorite machang (glutinous steamed rice) and another favorite which is the Claypot Chicken Rice. Oh I love love this! I'm so glad that I somehow resisted the temptation to get a bowl of white rice when we were tasting the first two dishes and I opted to wait for this. I tell you, it was definitely worth the wait.

Imagine having all these dishes for you and your family to enjoy at home. However, for those who would rather dine-out then reserve any of Red House Seafood's Annual Dinner Set Menus now! Here are some of my favorites:

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Stewed Ginseng Chicken Wrapped with Cabbage
One of my favorite Hokkien dish is Pat Po Kue (Stuffed Chicken with Glutinous Rice). Somehow, this reminds me so much of it. It's probably because of how the chicken became so tender after marinating it overnight with Chinese rice wine, ginseng and a wide-array of herbs before wrapping it in cabbage leaves and steaming for an hour. While it's not stuffed with rice, the thick gravy and the tender chicken meat makes this a yummy treat.

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Signature Scottish Blue Lobster with Creamy Custard Sauce
Take it from me, no visit to Red House Seafood will ever be complete without having...seafood! For me, I've always been a fan of their Scottish Blue Lobster and Crabs. So, when we were served with this huge platter of Scottish Blue Lobster in yellow creamy sauce, that really got me so excited to dig in. The flavor was really rich and the lobster meat was so juicy. It truly makes for a good celebratory dish and a prosperous one too. The only thing missing here are some mantou buns to mop up those creamy sauce after.

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Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Lime Sherbet
I've had this before and I loved it from the first time. It's the best choice to end your savory meal with as the refreshing lemongrass and lime flavors will surely cleanse your palate. This dessert is just available under one of the Annual Dinner set menus but do ask your friendly server if there's a way to order this ala carte should you decide to go for the other menus without it. I'm pretty sure they'll be glad to accommodate your request.

Continue the Chinese New Year celebration at Red House Seafood! This promotion runs until 22 February 2016.

Red House Seafood is located at 68 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188661. Call them at 6336-6080. They also have a branch at The Quayside in Robertson Quay. 

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