Onboard Singapore Airlines (Singapore - Manila - Singapore)

Thanks to Singapore Airlines' big drop in fares, Paul and I were able to snap up a couple of flights this year at such amazing rates. That said, we're levelling up on our travels this 2016 as it's about time to fly in both comfort and style. Alright!

Every time I fly via Singapore Airlines to Manila (or anywhere else in the world), I can't help but get so excited! I really look forward to the in-flight entertainment and most of all, the food! As you can see in my past flights, I have always been so happy with the meal be it from the regular selections or the seafood meal that I would sometimes pre-order. I always believe that your vacation should start from the moment you step into the plane where you immediately get the sense of relaxation and comfort. Sadly, that's quite hard to achieve in budget airlines. 

sq 916 915 1
As for Singapore Airlines, you get to enjoy the comfort from the moment you check-in at the airport. Look at these Fast Check-In counters that will greet you at Changi Airport. No time wasted waiting in line. All you have to do is to scan your passport and tadah!, the machine will immediately generate your boarding pass. If you have to check in some luggages, you can print out the luggage tags as well. Since Paul flew a day in advance, I didn't had to worry about checking-in any luggage so I was done with my check-in within 3 minutes. 

sq 916 915 2
The flight from Singapore to Manila took 3 hours and 5 minutes and time surely went by so fast when you're flying via Singapore Airlines. I just managed to watch A Love Affair and two episodes of Two Broke Girls when the cabin crew told me to pull my seat and window shade up as we're landing in Manila very soon. With Singapore Airlines' very extended collection of movies, tv series, documentaries, music and even games, you'll never get bored throughout your flight. 

Now, let's talk about the food. For my flight back to Manila via SQ 916, I pre-ordered my Seafood Meal. The perks of pre-ordering your food is you get served first so you get to eat ahead of everyone else in the plane. mwahahaha! 

sq 916 915 3
I got a nice Seafood Pasta Salad which was really yummy! For my mains, I got the Pan-Fried Fish Fillet in creamy sauce served with potatoes and carrots. Admittedly, the fish was a bit dry and I'm not a big fan of carrots and potatoes so I had to set those aside. The bread came with salted butter which I really enjoyed while watching my movie. In case you do not know, SQ serves one of the yummiest breads among most airlines. In fact, this was what my sister would look forward to every time we would fly Singapore Airlines back then. Dessert was Chocolate Mint Ice Cream which I skipped as I do not like mint-flavoured desserts (blech!).

Coming back to Singapore via SQ 915, we took the first flight back and our sleepy selves were totally regretting our decision. As we waited for our time to board, we were both hoping that the food that will be served is good to make up for our lack of sleep. 

It was a choice between Vegetable Frittata with grilled chicken sausage, marinated tomatoes and hash brown potatoes or Grilled Pork Tapa and Scrambled Egg with sautéed tomatoes and onions plus garlic fried rice. Since we knew that we will be missing Filipino food, we both for the second option. 

sq 916 915 4
Together with our main course, we had a bowl of Fresh Fruit and SQ's signature Bread Roll with butter and jam. So yummy! I love how the tapa stayed tender despite having to be reheated onboard and the garlic rice was very fragrant too. However, I would have preferred my scrambled egg to be much fluffier but I guess they had to make it that way for food sanitation purposes. 

For a minute there, I wonder if the Vegetable Frittata was any good. I should try that next time..that is if I'm crazy enough to book an early morning flight again. 

I don't know if it's just me and Paul but we both felt much relaxed upon landing as opposed to our previous flights were we always feel so haggard and exhausted. I guess having bigger seats, better legroom and a full service flight can really make a big difference. Till our next Singapore Airlines flight happening very very soon. ;) 

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