Crazy over Salted Egg at Kokomama Market Place in School of the Arts (SOTA)

"Oh to be young and free!" 

That was really the first thing that entered my mind when Paul and I visited Kokomama Market Place a few weeks back. The set-up is like a school cafeteria but instead of having to queue up to get your food, you can simply order and wait for it to get served to your table. 

kokomama sg 12
Can't decide what to eat? The menu is so diverse that it can perfectly answer the BIG question : "What to order?" One look at their menu line-up and you can choose from a couple of Italian pasta dishes, Korean baked rice and ramen, Japanese rice bowls, Singaporean soup bread bowls and the ever-popular Bingsu! They also got a wide selection of bread and pastries which you can quickly grab when you're in a rush. 

Since everyone just love anything and everything with salted egg, Kokomama has created a couple of salted egg infused dishes in order to satisfy that craving be it if you want it for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner! 

kokomama sg 8

Start your meal with Fusion Pizzas which offers a couple of popular local flavors on a nice and crunchy baguette. We tried the Chili Crab Pizza (S$7.90) and the Salted Egg Seafood Pizza (S$7.90). The Chili Crab Pizza is stopped with kani sticks with a very mild chili kick. It's well suitable for the younger dining crowd as the chili is very mild thus, those who cannot take the heat will surely be able to handle this well. 

kokomama sg 13

As for the Salted Egg Seafood Pizza, I really enjoyed the creamy texture as well as the identifiable salted egg flavor. I got to admit though that the yumminess of the salted egg was somehow overpowered by the mix of seafood and veggies on the pizza. Not that I'm complaining but I was probably just expecting for one with a stronger punch. 

The pizza feels and tastes very homemade but at the same time, it's what gives each bite that homey feeling. It's the kind that mama would prepare at home during summer breaks. It's simple yet it hit that salted-egg-loving-spot of ours so perfectly. 

kokomama sg 4

Moving on, we tried the Salted Egg Prawn Pasta (S$14.90). I'll never forget that moment when Paul was the first to try this and after taking his first bite, he quickly exclaimed "oh WOW!" My hubby is a rice loving person so I wasn't really expecting him to fall in love with a pasta dish. That reaction would more likely come from me so for him to say that just means one thing ... this is the BOMB!

I quickly reached for my fork and tried a mouthful too. Wow, he was right. The creaminess, the richness of the salted egg, the freshness of the prawns and the al dente pasta noodles. I'm giving this a 10 and I highly recommend that you try this too. I'm definitely going back for more! 

kokomama salted egg croissant

I always believe that everything good must come in threes. So, we continue our lucky Salted Egg streak with a Kokolava Salted Egg Croissant (S$6.50). I found out that they bake their breads in house so you can be assured of the freshness of their pastries and bread products daily. The Salted Egg Croissant has a nice buttery, flaky crust and inside is a thick salted egg paste. It's not as flowy as others but the flavor was pretty good. I recommend that you try this warm in order to enjoy it more. 

kokomama sg 2

If you're not a fan of salted egg, don't worry. We also loved the Kokolava Peanut Croissant (S$6.50) which has a nice creamy peanut filling inside which is a good contrast to the buttery crust. 

It's cool that Kokomama has pretty much nailed the latest food trends in the Lion City. From the salted egg line up, they also got a good selection of Korean Bingsu which the young and the young-at-heart are so crazy about.

kokomama sg 6

We tried the Strawberry Bingsu (S$12.90) which was yummy! I love the smooth shaven ice which was topped with slices of fresh strawberry, strawberry ice cream and drizzled with milk and strawberry syrup. The size of the regular bingsu is so big that it can definitely be shared by 3-4 pax! Yes, it's THAT big. 

kokomama sg 7

Well, we all shared our bingsu because we wanted to try more! Aside from the Strawberry Bingsu, I also recommend the Mango Madness Bingsu (S$12.90). I got to admit that I'm very picky with mangoes as I grew up enjoying this fruit back home so I like a specific kind with a very specific level of sweetness. I'm happy to say though that Kokomama's mangoes are closely similar to the ones that I love. It's sweet, juicy and the flesh is not the highly fibrous type that can make you cough. It was really good that I had a hard time choosing which type of bingsu I like most. Can I just say.. both? :)

Aside from my two favorites, they also got:

kokomama sg 10
Matcha Craze (S$12.90)

kokomama sg 5
Yogurt Fruity Flare (S$14.90) 

It was a fun night trying a number of Kokomama's specialties. I really envy the kids studying at the School of the Arts (SOTA) as they have Kokomama just a few steps away. Well, this is located at a very central area so it won't be hard to head back there to satisfy my salted egg craving.

*photos by Paul Ang

Check out Kokomama at 1 Zubir Said Drive, 01-01 School of the Arts, Singapore 227968. Nearest MRT station is Dhoby Ghaut.

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