Pasarbella comes to Suntec City!

3 years ago, Paul and I travelled all the way to The Grandstand in order to check out Pasarbella, the first ever gourmet market in Singapore. Remember, this was where we fell in love with Le Patio's paella and that's where I discovered Ugly Cakes' cupcakes too! Admittedly though, the distance from home has really hindered us from frequenting Pasarbella even how fun it really it to be there. Since then, my only wish was for Pasarbella to open a second branch which hopefully will be in a more accessible location.

pasarbella suntec 8
This year, my wish was granted! The second Pasarbella branch opened its doors in the newest wing of Suntec City and boy was I so happy! I first saw this when it was still having its soft opening and I went around to check out the kiosks present. Luckily, all 14 of them were already fully operational during my first visit.

pasarbella suntec 6
Since I went there after working out and right before dinner, I decided to just treat myself to a yummy and nutritious cold-pressed fruit juice from Squeezed!. The name is so cute, right? Aside from fruit juices, they're signature product is The Original Squeezed Bun (S$4) but I really didn't want to ruin my appetite for dinner so I skipped this for now.

pasarbella suntec 7
Instead, I got myself a Citrus Circus (S$6.20) cold-pressed juice which is a yummy combination of watermelon, pineapple, lime and mint. It was very refreshing and just perfect treat after my 2 hour workout. I loved it so much that I consumed my juice in less than 5 minutes. Oops!

A week after that, I was invited to Pasarbella Suntec City's Grand Opening! This time, I came prepared with a big appetite ready to try everything!

We were given a "passport" which entitled us to one sampler per store. Some stores though are extremely generous that they gladly made us try more of their specialties. Let me share with you the ones that stood out and what I loved the most:

An An (Vietnamese)

pasarbella suntec 1
Let's admit it. When we think of Vietnamese food, images of pho and spring rolls would immediately come to mind. However, a visit to An An made me realized that there's more to Vietnamese food than those two staples. Sure, they still have their noodles and spring rolls but there are far more variations than the ones that we're all familiar with.

Take for example the noodle soup called Bun Rui, which I was able to taste. It had deep-fried soft-shelled crab on top of rice noodles which was cooked in crab stock. I wasn't expecting something like this as I thought Vietnamese noodles are more on the beefy, meaty side. In addition to that, I got to try three types of spring rolls. All were good but if I have to really choose then I'd put my vote on the Fresh Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce. So yummy!

Pimp My Salad

pasarbella suntec 11
This is a new concept by the Sarnies group. For those who tend to be very picky about their salad, Pimp My Salad allows you to fully customize your salads by choose your veggies, your grains and down to your meat too. I was so impressed by the wide selection of toppings available. Clearly, anything is truly possible and I doubt if there'll be any two combinations alike.

pasarbella suntec 10
The toppings are not your usual choices too. Ever thought of having Smashed Sweet Potatoes or Wild Rice with Mint in your salad? This is definitely adding more yum to healthy eating.

Grillo (Asian Grill)

pasarbella suntec 9
This was the first stall that I visited as I've been so intigued by the aromatic grilled meats that they serve. I had a quick chat with the Chef where he told me that the goal is to elevate your everyday street food into something more healthy and filling.

I tried the Yuzu Salmon Bowl (S$12.90) and it was delicious! The salmon was so tender just the way I love it  it has a mild citrus flavor from the yuzu. The rice was actually Japanese-style rice so imagine it to be really fragrant with a slight glutinous consistency.

Mad Dogs Bar & Grill (Steak and Ribs)

pasarbella suntec 2
Now, this one reminded me of the kind that Paul and my Dad would go for. Aside from the fact that the store name is closely related to Paul's favourite online handle, I was able to try their BBQ Pork Ribs (S$19.90/650g) and it was fantastic! The meat was so tender and the way they cook it has somehow made it so juicy too. This would probably go so well with some Creamy Truffle Mash or Roasted Garlic with Broccoli. I should order those next time.

Cajun on Wheels (Seafood)
I sat with my friend and fellow blogger K that night and she went to get a basket of Salted Egg Seafood from Cajun on Wheels. This is probably one of the most popular store that evening. After all, who can say no to seafood, right? I was too food to really dig into the seafood but I got to try the Salted Egg sauce which I must say is very yummy. "So shiok!", as they would say.

Rollie Olie (Sushi and Poke Bowls)

pasarbella suntec 12
Now, if fresh seafood is your thing then hop over next kiosk to Rollie Olie. I tried the Tuna Poke Bowl and I have to say that the fish was very fresh. I just find the bowl to be overflowing with veggies and not so of the seafood and rice. A bit too much, I would say. :-/

pasarbella suntec 5
In addition to all the kiosks mentioned above, there's Wolf Burgers, Choo Choo Chicken, Pita & Olives, Porsena Deli, Sarnies and the Drinks bar. I would have loved to try more but my tummy was ready to burst. This definitely calls for a next visit soon.

I'm so glad that Pasarbella is now in town and it's so accessible to CBD workers like yours truly. :) It's always so fun to dine here especially when you're with a big group as all 14 choices will allow everyone to choose what they really want to eat and drink.

Check out Pasarbella at 3 Temasek Boulevard, 01-455, Tower 1, North Wing, Singapore 038983. It's near the Suntec Convention Centre. Like them on Facebook

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