Eastet EGG-xperience at Street 50 Restaurant & Bar


This is the most awaited season in Lent as it marks the end of our 40-day long sacrifice whatever that may be. For me, it's the end of all my meatless Fridays! Woohoo!

A few weeks ago, Paul and I got a preview to the special Easter spread that Street 50 will be serving today. As you all know, Easter Sunday also means bunnies and easter egg hunting so they came up with several egg-themed dishes to match the festivities.

street50 easter 1
Which one is the pasteurized egg?
Partnering with N&N Farm, we learned all about pasteurized eggs and the benefit that it brings. Did you know that it actually has a longer shelf life and it gives you the peace of mind as it's free from Salmonella which is the #1 disease coming from eggs? They also teamed up with Uncle William's quail farm wherein we got to meet Uncle William himself! I'll share more details about these two brands in my succeeding posts.

Here are some of the highlights which you shouldn't miss:

street50 easter 2
Combination of Chinese Cold Cuts 
One of our favourite starts especially during Chinese lauriat. Comprising of jellyfish, marinated octopus, prawn salad, fried spring rolls and Uncle William's deep-fried quail eggs. It's a very simple mix but definitely one that everyone will love. The quail eggs, in particular, reminds me of our local Filipino kwek-kwek which is a street food guilty indulgence.

street50 easter 4
Potato Salad with Pommery Mayonnaise
From east, we go to the west! The perfect sides to your meats would be this potato salad served once again with Uncle William's quail eggs.

street50 easter 9
Braised Tofu with Crabmeat and Egg White
For a moment there, we thought that the chef behind all these specialties is Chinese given how well most of the oriental dishes are executed. Well, surprise surprise! He's actually not. Anyway, This is a comfort dish of silky tofu cube cooked in thick crabmeat and egg white sauce. It's perfect with rice or noodles and we all loved scooping up more of the sauce.

street50 easter 6
Oven-Roasted Chicken with Quail Egg and Spicy Tomato Sauce
We love how tender the chicken was and the spicy-tangy sauce has really made it so flavourful.

street50 easter 8
Sambal Prawn with Quail Egg
At this point, you might wonder exactly how many quail eggs and pasteurized eggs we have had already. Luckily, 5 quail eggs is equivalent to 1 chicken egg so we're still okay on the cholesterol side. Haha! The prawns were a bit overcooked but the sambal sauce was really good.

street50 easter 7
XO Fried Rice with Crabmeat
This was my favourite that evening. You can say that they surely saved the best for last. The rice was so yummy and while the XO flavour was a bit on the mild side, it went so well with the prawns and chicken dishes. This truly got my two thumbs up!

In addition to these stellar dishes mentioned above, we also got to try two more which I personally felt was just a-okay. Well, taste is very subjective so please still go and try them. Who knows?! You might love them!

street50 easter 3
62 degrees soft boiled egg with Chicken Essence
The mere mention of chicken essence brought back memories of my childhood where Mommy once made us try a bottle of chicken essence saying it's good for the brain. It tasted like chicken soup but with a bitter aftertaste which I'm not really so fond of. While I gave up after one small sip, Paul loved it and happily got my share for this dish.

street50 easter 5
Scotch Egg
I find this a bit too dry as scotch eggs are supposed to be crunchy on the outside, meaty inside and runny yolk at the center.

street50 easter 10
To complete our Easter EGG-xperience at Street 50, we also learned to make our very first terrarium with Gardenasia. It's so cool! I will definitely visit them soon to buy more plants for our home. ♥

There you have it! Hope you're all having a hop-py Easter Sunday!

*photo by Paul Ang

Check out Street 50 Restaurant and Bar at 50 Telok Blangah Road, Bay Hotel Singapore 098828. Call them at 6818-6681.

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