Dallas Restaurant & Bar at Suntec City Sky Garden

If there's one mall that I would recommend for visiting friends to go to, that would definitely be Suntec City. It's amazing how this mall has transformed itself through the years. I remembered when my family and I first visited Suntec sometime in the 90s. We went to check out the wishing fountain and had dinner at Tony Roma's after checking out the Warner Bros store. Fast forward to 5 years ago, the mall has expanded to several more towers and while the Warner Bros. store wasn't there anymore, it has been replaced by countless other retail shops and more F&B outlets too.

dallas suntec 1
Just when we thought they're be happy with that and no more expansion will be done, then Suntec had another renovation and expansion two years ago where they have added more wings. Today, it's one of my favorite malls in Singapore because of its wide variety of restaurants and cool foodie concepts such as Pasarbella and the Sky Garden which has been converted into such a hip and happening place.

The Sky Garden actually has been there for a long time but now they've added in more restaurants making it a nice place to wine and dine underneath the starlit sky. There are several ways to get to the Sky Garden. First is to go up to the top floor near True Fitness, secondly is through the Suntec Convention Centre and lastly (and the best, in my opinion) is to take the longggg escalator near Pasarbella which will take you directly to the Sky Garden. There are about 5 or more restaurants in this area and one of those is Dallas Restaurant & Bar.

dallas suntec 2
I got to the restaurant a little past 6 and was able to enjoy the view of the city since the sun hasn't set yet. Dallas Restaurant & Bar originated in Boat Quay and it's a good place to hangout with your colleagues after work where you can unwind over a glass of wine and perhaps plates of tapas too. They're also celebrating their 10th year anniversary, so we got to try some of the special dishes to mark this occasion.

dallas suntec 4
Our dinner began with a platter of Snapper Fish Tacos (S$22/3 pieces). I love soft tacos and I love seafood so I was really excited to try this most especially when a couple of my foodie friends already told me how yummy this was. They were right! I love the contrasting texture of the crunchy deep-fried snapper wrapped in soft mini flour tortillas and topped with veggies, homemade pineapple chutney and Chipotle mayonnaise. A little bit of heat is always good when serving deep-fried fish thus the slight spicy kick perfectly added that much-needed zing in our every bite. It was so good that I shamelessly got the extra remaining piece as I don't want good yummy food to go to waste. :P

dallas suntec 6
For meat lovers, you'll love the Crispy Pork Belly Tacos (S$14/3 pieces). Similar to the fish taco, this is also a good meal starter. Crispy pork belly wrapped in mini flour tortilla and topped with guacamole, homemade aoili, Spanish onions and fresh jalapeno. It was good but I have to say that my vote goes to the Fish Taco.

dallas suntec 3
Another yummy starter was the Jalapeno Croquettes (S$15/4 pieces). I know, I know, another spicy dish but I promise you the heat is very bearable. Take it from someone who has the spicy tolerance of a 5 year old. Hehe

Next to the Fish Taco, this was my favorite! I love the crunchy deep-fried mashed potato mixed with creamy bechamel sauce, cheddar cheese and chopped pickled jalapeno peppers. It's served with green chili mayonnaise for more heat. Super super yummy!

We had such an amazing line-up of starters and I believe that this is just a preview of the yummy things to come. The star of the night was the Dallas Meat Platter (S$70 / S$130) which will surely catch everyone's attention and could even elicit some "oohs" and "wows" from the group.

dallas suntec 9
Imagine a huge wooden board filled with Grilled Australian lamb cutlets, tender pork ribs with tangy, sweet berry or fiery BBQ sauce glaze, super juicy rotisserie chicken and their award-winning prime rib steak. This platter came with side salad and roasted potatoes too. The serving was very generous that it is definitely meant to be shared. My favorite were the pork ribs which was definitely fork-tender and the roast chicken which was so juicy in every bite. I also enjoyed the side salad which was a good break in between each bite of meat.

dallas suntec 8
As for the prime rib, it was grilled based to our specified doneness and it was pretty good too. For steak lovers, you might want to check out their weekend promotion where guests can enjoy free-flow prime rib steaks for only S$35 per person! Woohoo! Imagine that? Eat all you can steak for such a reasonable price.

dallas suntec 5
Lastly, they also have the Grilled Corn (S$6) which I heard was really yummy. It's not your average sweet corn but rather it's topped with Chipotle mayonnaise and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Really indulgent and it surely goes well with the meat platter too.

Dallas Restaurant & Bar is definitely a place that I'd love to visit again and again. The Suntec City branch is so spacious that they actually can accommodate corporate or personal function to be held there. Won't it be nice to host your birthday dinner or wedding reception at a place that overlooks the city?

Check out Dallas Restaurant & Bar at 3 Temasek Boulevard, 03-302/303 Suntec City Sky Garden, Singapore 038983. Call them at 6333-4068 or follow them on Facebook

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