GoroGoro Steamboat and Korean Buffet at Orchardgateway @ Emerald

The cold weather is really making me crave for soup, congee, noodles.. basically anything that's hot and comforting to match the rainy day. Unlike Paul, I'm not really a big soup fan but if I were to have soup, I would rather have it steamboat-style. I really enjoy being able to cook my own meal and filling my soup with the ingredients of my choice. Luckily, Singapore has a lot of steamboat options. From the traditional Chinese steamboat to the interesting Thai Mookata, then there's GoroGoro which specializes in Steamboat and Korean Buffet all in one.

goro goro 10
What sets GoroGoro apart is that they have not one, not two but seven different soup bases which you can choose from! There's ginseng chicken, collagen, mala, tom yum, tomato, bah kut teh and vegetarian. Normally, steamboat restaurants would allow you to choose two soup stocks but at GoroGoro you can have THREE different soup flavors to enjoy. After all, the more the merrier, right? 

goro goro 5
My personal favorite is the Collagen which has a creamy pork stock and hey, it doesn't hurt to give your skin that extra glow in every slurp. Of course, we filled it up with all our favorite meat and seafood balls, fish and lobster cakes and premium cuts of meat too. There were more than 70 ingredients to choose from so it wasn't hard to easily fill up your plate within minutes. 

goro goro 4
From meats to veggies, they also got a couple of noodles to choose from. I suggest going for the vermicelli and add it in for a longer while to allow the noodles to soak up the soup flavor. 

goro goro 9
Now, for those who couldn't wait for their soup to boil, why not have some of GoroGoro's cooked dishes to munch on? Here's a secret : they have the yummiest Korean fried chicken and this is one dish you shouldn't miss. Trust me, we had 3 plates of chicken all throughout our meal. It was THAT good. 

goro goro 7
I also enjoyed the Chap Chae as well as the wide variety of drinks and desserts too. 

Here's a tip though, make sure to enjoy your meal within 90 minutes (if you're dining with a group of 3 or less) or 120 minutes (for groups of 4 and up). Well, why dilly-dally when you can quickly enjoy your food right? 

It's such a good deal given that lunch rate goes as low as $16.90++ during weekdays and dinner is at $27.90++ for weekend / public holidays.

Check out the adult buffet rates here. They have discounted rates for Senior Citizens, Students and Kids too:
Weekday Lunch: S$16.90++ 
Weekend Lunch / Weekday Dinner: S$25.90++
Weekend Dinner: S$27.90++

Check out GoroGoro Steamboat and Korean Buffet at 218 Orchard Road, Orchardgateway @ Emerald, 04-01 Singapore 238851. Visit their Facebook page for more details and promotions. Call them at 6385-7854 to make a reservation. 

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