Airport Lounge : Back at SATS Premier Lounge in Changi Airport Terminal 2

....and we're off again! 

After coming back from our amazing 11-day Holiday break in Manila, we're currently back at Changi Airport ready to go on a quick weekend trip...back to Manila! We're a day away from Achi Marie's BIG day and boy, am I so excited. Let's face it. Travelling can really be tiring. The whole process of packing, unpacking, waiting, boarding, flying and recovering and really take a toll on our body but the whole experience of travelling, I believe, makes it all worth it.

sats lounge 1
For the longest time, I've never been the type who would go to the airport early. Often times, I'd be the last to check-in and would run around like a headless chicken in order to get to the boarding gate on time. I guess, it's because I just hate sitting around while waiting for the boarding gate to open to I would try to get there with the least waiting time possible. I got to admit that this is not a very good practice and it has brought about a lot of Amazing Race-like drama and panic attacks in the past. This all changed when I finally got airport lounge access. Oh man, these lounges are godsent! Finally, I look forward to getting to the airport 2-3 hours before boarding in order to have time to visit the lounge for a quick bite.

sats lounge 2
Luckily, Changi Airport has a lot of lounges available and one of our favourites is SATS Premier Lounge which can be found in all terminals. I've been to all three and I'd say that the food is always consistent and the amenities, though quite basic, is always functioning well and clean.

It seems like they did a bit of renovation work on the Terminal 2 lounge where the buffet set-up has changed and the sitting area was made to accommodate more. We went to this lounge before flying home for Christmas and since we were there waiting for our 7pm flight, the buffet had a mix of early dinner/afternoon tea selection.

sats lounge 5
I love how SATS Premier Lounge always features a mix of Chinese, Indian and Western dishes. I really love these green siu mai together with a couple of baos (buns). I normally would fill my plate of a lot of siu mai to go with either some fried rice or noodles.

sats lounge 4
This time around though, I loved this Creamy Chicken Penne which was really yummy! I had to stop at one serving though as we will be eating on board the plane. I wish they'll make this a staple as I'd love to have this again on my next visit.

sats lounge 6
Of course, travelling means the possibility of missing the local food and before you fly off, SATS makes sure that you get your fill of local Singaporean food. During our visit, they had Laksa which was presented in a DIY style. I enjoyed blanching my own noodles and veggies before pouring in the fragrant laksa soup. It was good! A bit too spicy for me but definitely good. I highly recommend this.

sats lounge 3
Aside from the hot dishes, they also got sandwiches in case you want something really light. There's also a salad section and a station with crackers and nuts.

sats lounge 7
Drinks is one thing that everyone loves about airplane lounge and SATS Premier Lounge has one of the most impressive selection among all the lounges that we've visited so far. Next to dnata, they have a good mix of coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, soda and juices.

Aside from eating and drinking, passengers can also access the internet while waiting at the lounge. The only thing that I notice missing after the renovation were the massage chairs which I used to frequent a year ago. I wonder where they went. The lounge also has a shower facility for those who wants to freshen up before a long flight. Now, isn't this a good motivation to cut the buzzer-beater habit and to finally get to the airport on time? :)

SATS Premier Lounge is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's located at the Departure Transit Hall, Level 3 in Changi Airport Terminal 2.

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