Shrimp Fiesta at Choobi Choobi in Panay Avenue, Quezon City

After my Afternoon Tea date with D here in Singapore, we promised each other to meet up once again in Manila over the Christmas break. Given how everyone is normally busy during this time of the year, I was so touched to receive a message from D as soon as we landed in Manila asking when can we meet up for lunch. She surely kept her promise! Isn't she just so amazing?

We agreed to meet up after Christmas Day and she told me that fellow bloggers K and C will be joining us too. I've never met K and C in person despite knowing of them and following them on social media for years. I always love meeting new friends so I was so excited for this particular lunch date. D suggested we go to Choobi Choobi in Panay Avenue which is one of her favorite restaurants at the moment. I've never heard of Choobi Choobi and after a quick search, I learned that this restaurant originated from Cebu and they're known for their bags of shrimps. Hooray!

choobi choobi panay 2
Guess we were just so excited that Paul and I were the first ones to arrive for lunch that day. D arrived shortly after followed by K, C and K's son R. We left the ordering to them as they really seemed like pros. Imagine, they didn't have to browse the menu to know what they wanted to get. I wonder how often have these ladies been frequenting the restaurant? The first thing that D ordered were the bags (yes PLURAL) of shrimps. For 6 people, we had 3 1 pound bags of shrimps (Php. 395)! I initially thought that was a bit too much but after taking my first spoonful of rice with the sauce, I knew that 3 bags are just right but in reality, I think we can easily manage to have our own bags too haha.

Each bag comes with a generous amount of shrimps and corn. The sauce was really delicious. It's garlicky and totally umami. I literally soaked my rice with so much sauce and I loved every bit of it. The shrimps were very fresh too that the shell easily slid off without any fuss.

choobi choobi panay 1
To go with our bags of shrimps, we ordered the Cha Tao Miao (Php. 195) which was yummy. Simple, stir-fried doumiao in garlic. It's interesting to see bit of Chinese-inspired dishes in a predominantly Filipino menu.

choobi choobi panay 3
We also tried the Utan Monggos (Php. 170) which was good but a bit too salty to be fully enjoyed. You should have this with rice to balance out the salty punch. C had her favorite Utan Bisaya (Php. 160) which tasted much better. It's a clear, refreshing veggie soup that complements the savory bag of shrimp and flavorful veggies.

Our lunch line-up was very simple yet it was one of the highlights of our trip. With just the bag of shrimps, you seriously do not have to order anything else but if you must, I recommend the Patrick Star's Baked Scallops (Php. 210) as well as the Choobi Pata (Php. 445 / 465) too. We had such an amazing meal that I ended up convincing the entire family to change our initial New Year lunch venue to Choobi Choobi. Luckily, it was quite easy convincing my family with the help of sending some photos for visual support. So, 3 days after our 1st meal at Choobi Choobi we were back again and we ordered pretty much the same things we ordered during our first visit and then some more!

Now, I will make it a point to visit Choobi Choobi whenever I'm back in Manila for a visit. It's really the place to be for fresh shrimps, seafood and delicious meat dishes too. Thanks D, K and C for taking us here!

Choobi Choobi is located at 102 Panay Avenue, Quezon City 1103. Call them at 372-2654.

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