Lunch Crowd Special : A Poke Theory in Boon Tat Street

One of the biggest food trends that rocked Singapore last year was the entrance of Poke Bowls specifically to the lunch crowd. In case you're not sure what on earth poke (poh-kay) bowls are, these are pretty much a raw fish salad served in a...bowl. All over the world, there are several variations closely similar to it. Ceviche from the Latin American region, Kinilaw in the Philippines and somewhat close, Yusheng here in Singapore. What makes Poke extra special is that the fish/seafood are marinated making it so tasty and it's served on top of a bed of rice or greens.

a poke theory 3
During one of my lunch errands, I stumbled upon A Poke Theory along Boon Tat Street. I seriously love this part of Tanjong Pagar as this was were my first office was located. I just love the quaint shophouses, the endless rows of restaurants and how this area has maintained this old Singaporean charm in a very modern setting. So, I really love it whenever I get to walk around this area for lunch again.

A Poke Theory was bustling with busy customers and servers for lunch that day. Looks like this was the common lunch scene and I decided to just do my errands first and come back towards the latter part of lunch hour in hopes that the crowd will start to thin out. My plan worked and as soon as I was able to secure myself a table, I headed to the counter to create my poke bowl.

First you start with your base. They got Signature Sushi Rice, Brown Rice, Lemon Herb Quinoa or Romaine Lettuce. They allow fully customizing your bowls which means you can have a mix of two bases too. I went for one part Lemon Herb Quinoa and another part Signature Sushi Rice.

a poke theory 1
Next, you choose among the 6 different poke flavours such as the Original Shoyu Tuna, Avocado Miso Salmon, Spicy Mayo Salmon, Spicy Garlic Sesame Tuna, Avocado Poke and the newest - addition to the line-up -- Wasabi Ponzu Swordfish. I played safe that day and chose the Spicy Mayo Salmon and the Avocado Poke. Doesn't these two just sound so yummy?

a poke theory 2
Following this, you simply go crazy over your toppings! Either you just ask the server to fill your bowl with all options or you choose based on your liking. They got tobiko, nori strips, furikake, sesame seed, pineapple, carrot, cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumber and more! The toppings have a very Japanese-fell and flavor to it but whatever you do, top it with pineapples. I love how it gives that sudden burst of citrus flavor and juiciness to the poke bowl. So refreshing!

a poke theory 4
Looks can definitely be so deceiving as you'd probably think that this little handy bowl won't fill you up but since it's compact with so much toppings, I actually found myself stuffed halfway through my bowl. It's so good though so I don't want any of it to go to waste so I recommend that light eaters should definitely share this with a friend.

It was definitely a good lunch and I was so happy to discover A Poke Theory. This surely made my lunch errand exciting and really satisfying.

Check out A Poke Theory at 27 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069623. They're open from Mondays to Saturdays. Follow them on Facebook!

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