#FrannyCooks : Abalone Miso Butter Pasta

My goodness! Where did the time go? Can you believe that we're already halfway through March and this means, the 1st quarter of the year is almost over! What's more shocking is the fact that I haven't shared a single #Frannycooks recipe with you all this 2017. I seriously have to start catching up!

To make up for the delay, here's sharing with you one of my favorite creations as of late. Since watching the Travis Family on YouTube for more than a year now, one thing that I look forward to is seeing the Dad, Benji, cook up a storm in their beautiful kitchen. He's an amazing cook! So amazing that I make it a point never to watch the vlog late at night just in case he cooks something so mouthwatering and I'd end up so hungry. One thing that he loves to make is Sweet Potato with Miso Scallion Butter. I've never had this before nor had I ever paid much attention to sweet potatoes before learning about this. Luckily, I was able to buy a bottle of Organic White Miso from Nature's Glory and I tried my first ever Sweet Potato with Miso Scallion Butter by using a recipe I just got from the internet. It was delicious! No wonder, Benji's family loves it so much. Now, with a full bottle of miso, I can't keep on making sweet potatoes right? I gotta get creative!

frannycooks abalone pasta 6
So over the CNY long weekend, I took charge of cooking our meals since luckily both Paul and I got a couple of days off from work. Since abalone (鲍鱼) is known to symbolize the golden nugget, then this ingredient surely plays a big role in all Chinese New Year celebrations and gatherings. Since I'm no Chinese master chef, I prepared this recipe using the best way I know how. PASTA!

Abalone Miso Butter Pasta

frannycooks abalone pasta 7

What you'll need:
frannycooks abalone pasta 1

(1) can of Abalone (I used New Moon)
(2) tablespoon of white miso paste
a handful of chopped garlic
1/4 cup of butter
1 tbsp olive oil
Long pasta noodles -- since the sauce is quite thick, go with the thicker noodles like linguine, fettucine or spaghetti.
Pepper to taste

*note: notice that I didn't include salt in the list as the miso will take care of the saltiness of this dish.

Here are the 8 easy steps:
1) Drain out the abalone and slice it into strips. Keep the juice.
frannycooks abalone pasta 2

2) Cook your pasta noodles with part water, part abalone juice following the direction on the package.
3) In a separate pan, melt your butter and add in the olive oil. I like doing this as I notice that the butter browns very quickly.
4) Toss in the garlic and quickly saute.
5) Add in the white miso paste and make sure it melts into the sauce.
frannycooks abalone pasta 5

6) Add the abalone strips and saute till it softens.
7) Turn off heat.
8) Quickly add in the cooked pasta and toss to coat the noodles evenly. Add in more pasta water if the sauce starts to thicken.

It's really easy to make and the idea is very similar to cooking a cream-based pasta. I actually considered adding some cream but the sauce is quite heavy and thick already so I opted not to. Maybe milk would be a better alternative?

Try this and let me know what you think below! Bon appetit!

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