RedRing Treasures Cutlet Noodles in Wisma Atria

Lately I've been craving for fried chicken. Deep-fried, crispy chicken with rice! It doesn't matter if it's the kind that comes in a bucket or the one that's served on a plate, de-boned and ready to eat. The worst thing about it is my cravings come at the middle of the night keeping me wide awake as I nurse my growling tummy. Gah!

redring treasures 1
Then, I suddenly I remembered that dinner that we had at Wisma Atria's Food Republic where Paul and I got to try RedRing Treasures. It was upon an invitation from Roy and his father David to try their specialty -- deep-fried chicken cutlet served with your choice of noodles or rice. If there's one thing that everyone should know about food courts, be prepared to stumble upon great and yummy things in there. Roy is based in the US as he's finishing his studies there, so we got to sit down and chat with Mr. David who told us the story of how RedRing Treasures came to be. Apparently, they started in Holland Drive where Mr David and his wife carefully perfected their chicken cutlet recipe as well as the sauces used for their noodles.

redring treasures 2
The secret lies in the careful and precise preparation of each dish. They actually have a system for everything so each cutlet is timed to ensure consistency, the recipe is kept top secret within the family members and they personally see through the operations of their stalls on a daily basis. Talk about dedication! 

redring treasures 3
That evening, Paul and I tried the Chicken Cutlet Egg Noodles (S$5.90). Each set comes with a bowl of peppery soup which Paul liked very much. I'm a fan of egg noodles and I just love how the sauce perked up the flavour without over-drenching it. The chicken cutlet stayed crisp and really yummy! I was so happy with it and we both agreed that it was definitely reasonably priced. That's a huge portion of chicken cutlet for less than S$6, don't you think? 

redring treasures 4
Moving on, we tried the Salted Egg Squid Cutlet with Rice (S$8.50). This is one that I was so excited about. After all, who doesn't love salted egg? We appreciated the fact that they served the salted egg sauce separately which allows diners to control their sauce portion depending on their taste preference. Once again, another delicious dish that we were so happy to try. Now that I'm having meatless Fridays, I think I'll pay RedRing Treasures a visit one of these days. 

redring treasures 5
Lastly, we had the Onion Blossom (S$7.80 / S$8.90 / S$10.50), one thing that we've both been eyeing as we first scanned the menu. It's interesting to see this as part of the line-up given that it's relatively a modern take as opposed to the very classic, local dishes that they have. Well, this is something that will cater very well to the younger crowd as well as those dining in groups. The onion blossoms were thin strips of sweet onion that's deep-fried to perfection. I liked how it wasn't dripping in oil and save for the slight oil stains on the paper, it was pretty much greaseless. Served with their homemade creamy sauce, it really makes for a great side dish to your chosen main. I highly recommend this! 

Over-all, RedRing Treasures has managed to keep the price really low. All mains are priced below S$10, one thing that's hard to find in a mall-based food court. Not only that, the serving was quite generous too making it a great deal for your money. I'm so happy to be able to discovery another yummy find right at the heart of Orchard Road. This is definitely one place that I'll frequent in between weekend errands or shopping trips.

*photos by Paul Ang

Check out RedRing Treasures at Food Republic Wisma Atria (Stall 6), 435 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877. They also have another outlet at Gourmet Paradise Food Court in Toa Payoh. 

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