Franny Mommy Favorites : Bonjour Baby Playmat

"Wait till they start crawling!"

I still remember my Mom telling me this when I once told her how excited I am for my twins to grow faster when they were just newborn. I still get scared carrying newborns..most especially tiny babies as I have this great fear that I might accidentally drop them. My Mom and other Mommy friends would tell me to take it slow and savor that moment as a new challenge would arise once my babies would start crawling..or would start walking or worst..running.

Well my friends, the time has come when both J and L are now considered crawlers. Actually, they're more like tumbling tots who would go from one corner to another by tumbling all over the place. It's scary though as they have no concept of pausing or slowing down thus my fear of me dropping them has been quickly replaced with the fear of them just falling off the bed one day. For the past months, I've been bugging Paul that it's time for us to scout around for a good playmat. The kind that is well cushioned just in case they fall yet firm enough to aid them as they learn to sit up, be on their knees, crawl, walk and yes, run. I'm lucky though the choices are quite wide here in the Philippines. However, with a lot of good and not so good brands around, it's then confusing for first time Mommy like me to choose which one to go for.

bonjour baby 2
I've been eyeing Bonjour Baby's Playmat (Php. 2,595) after seeing this from my schoolmate A's Facebook feed. I just love the clean, neutral-colored design which means I can use this for both L and J. It's a puzzle mat too so it will allow me to just use the right amount of pieces to cover the space available in the room. I can make it from square to rectangle as well! Even my Mom saw their Facebook page and told me that it seems to be a good choice for the twins. I've been delaying my play mat purchase until we had a close call with L one night. She was already asleep on our bed and Paul just stepped out of the room to talk to me. He was confident though that she'll be alright as he surrounded her with lots of pillows. Luckily, Yaya D decided to peek one last time before heading down to her room and she was so shocked to see L awake and she has crawled up until the corner of the bed. One swift move and she would have definitely fell down to the floor.

That was one awakening for us and so, I was so happy to receive my own Bonjour Baby Mix and Match Playmat in Black and White just a few days before my birthday. The black and white combination is the newest color option and I love it! I love the classic, minimalist feel. I love how it's neither too girly nor too boyish making it just right for my kids. Paul and I wasted no time in setting this up. Of course, we had to wipe each piece first with our organic surface cleaner then it was puzzle time for us!

bonjour baby 1
There were several design suggestions on the package but we ended up making out own. We made black diamonds on white background, like it?  Each set comes with 40 triangle mats and 30 edges so the combinations are endless!

bonjour baby 3
Looks like our twins surely did! Every morning, Yaya D would put them down on the mat as they crawl around, play with each other and Paul and I can sleep in peace for at least another hour or two. Thank God for Yaya D and our new playmat. Giving us additional play space for the twins and less worries for me too. I love how it has a nice soft bounce to it telling me that the padding is thick enough to support my twins yet the firmness is helping them sit up much better and perhaps soon, they'll be able to confidently stand on their own.

Remember, 10 seconds of carelessness can lead to a lifetime of regret. Babies can just crawl or roll off to wherever they want to and this means as parents, we have to safeguard the safety of our kids by child-proofing every nook and cranny. I have yet to cover those electrical sockets (any leads on where I can buy those covers?) but at least I got our floor covered...literally!

Thank you so much for easing my worries, Bonjour Baby!

Check out Bonjour Baby Playmat at their official website

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