Back at Blackbird at the Nielson Tower in Makati

It's been four years since my last dinner at Blackbird yet it was one of the most memorable too. I remembered flying home to celebrate Papa's birthday and who would have thought that a year after that, my dear Ama (grandmother) would be leaving us. *sniffle* Needless to say, I'm glad that I was able to spend time and have several meals with her while she was still with us. Even then, Ama was already weak. Having difficulty in walking, I remember how we have to slow down our pace and take smaller steps so as not to tire her out despite how short the walk may be. One thing that I will remember the most about my Ama is how appreciative she has always been. She always have something nice to say about everyone and it's not surprise then why we all love her to bits...making her passing so hard on us too. I remember how she would always be so excited whenever we take her out for a meal saying that I always take her out to nice, delicious restaurants.

Often times I would wonder how she'll be as a great grandmother to my twins. Oh, I'm sure she'll shower them with so much love and affection that same way she did to Pan and I. I can just imagine how she would probably call me every single day to check on them and whenever she can, she'll come visit them as often as possible. My twins, on the other hand, will surely love her. L reminds me so much of my Ama. How she has the same slim and long frame, the way she would slightly bang her head against my body as her way of lulling herself to sleep (Ama would gently bang her head against the cushion whenever she tries to fall asleep)..yes, they're kinda weird that same way. Ama will love J's little gentle personality. She may not be with us physically but I am pretty sure that she's up there watching over our three little babies -- my niece A and my twins L and J.

Going back to Blackbird, I was so excited to revisit this restaurant as it was where #thebestbottleever, Como Tomo, was launched! Clearly, it was a Mommy event but the foodie in me just can't help but document our food too. Here's sharing with you our delicious four-course meal at Blackbird:

blackbird 2
Buffalo Mozzarella, Peperonata, Basil, Rocket and San Danielle Prosciutto (Php. 680)
Fresh greens topped with a generous slice of buffalo mozzarella with chopped peppers for that added kick. I loved it! I must have inhaled my salad a wee bit too fast. Oops, there goes my poise.

blackbird 3
Porcini and Portabella Mushroom Cappuccino
Normally served with truffled panini, this is always a safe yet very comforting soup option which everyone loves.

blackbird 4
Dry Rubbed Wagyu Hangar Steak with Mustard Butter and Twice-cooked chips (Php. 980)
Ohhh the dish that got me so excited! It has been a while since I had a good piece of steak and this one surely didn't disappoint. I love how the butter melted on top of the perfectly cooked steak creating a nice glaze on each slice of steak. So so good! Even the chips had a very homey, smokey flavor that made it so hard to resist.

blackbird 1
Chocolate Brownie and Burnt Butter Semifredo with Salted Caramel Popcorn
While I sadly had to push the popcorn away, I happily enjoyed the moist and really decadent chocolate brownie that's topped with a very caramel-y ice cream-like cake (semifredo). So so so good!!

Ambiance-wise of course, Blackbird is really one place worth visiting. Everything about it is just so pretty given the rich historical story behind it. I love the service and I can't wait to visit again perhaps this time for brunch.

Visit Blackbird at the Nielson Tower, Ayala Triangle, Makati City. Call them at 828-4888.

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