Chocolate Inception : Le Sucre Lab's Chocolate Dream Cake

Sweet dreams are indeed made of these. It's the kind that comes in pretty copper tin cans and when you open it, nope! it's not your grandmother's sewing kit, but a mouthwatering chocolate inception-like cake. It's chocolate over chocolate over chocolate over more chocolate.

Don't believe me? Read on... 

le sucre lab 1
I first heard about Le Sucre Lab's Chocolate Dream Cake (Php. 475) from @masarapba on Instagram. It's this funny, super duper witty yet completely anonymous Instagram account that gives you the lowdown on the yummiest and not so yummiest food in the metro. You get honest-to-goodness reviews that's written in a really funny tone. I haven't met the person behind this handle yet he/she/it (yes, the account once claimed that it's actually a plant) but I've tried some of the recommended items and I was really impressed with her taste. From Tender Juicy Chick n Cheese Hotdogs to which Paul can't understand why I suddenly came home from a quick grocery run one day with 3 packs of hotdogs, to these Dream Cakes that I've been wanting to buy but the shop is just too far from me and I rarely get to go to that part of town to even make a side trip. 

le sucre lab 2
I'd call it fate. Fate that I was on a nice lunch get-together with fellow foodie mommas J and L together with our hubbies and my twins when J told us that she got dessert covered. A few minutes more, she stepped out of the restaurant to picked up "dessert" and she came back with a bag containing two copper tin cans. It didn't register to me that that was IT. I was too busy eating and watching my twins who were quietly playing with their Kuya Andre at the side. It was only when J pulled out the can that I exclaimed... "Oh my God! It's Le Sucre Lab's Dream Cake!" Be still my heart... ♥

I wanted to stand up and give J a big big hug! Finally, we can try this much talked about cake! She carefully opened the can and I literally swooned seeing the chocolate powder dusted on top of a layer of chocolate gooey custard that's on top of a layer of really moist chocolate ganache and at the bottom is a very springy chocolate chiffon base. This was just perfect.

le sucre lab 3
I took my first big scoop and wow, it was really good! A bit too rich for my liking that I felt that it was too heaty (diat in hokkien) that I don't think it's possible to finish one whole can in one sitting...or is it? haha I love that the sweetness level was just right and the play of different textures just made this cake indeed so dreamy.

Will I have more? Definitely! If only I can find a way to visit Le Sucre Lab or join their growing list of online orders to have it delivered straight to my doorstep. One tip also, I feel it would be even better if you chill the can prior to eating. I think making it a bit cold will lessen the heatiness of the cake. We were just so excited to dig in to even bother having it chilled.

Note: Apparently, they're working on an online shop soon so I hope that will help make ordering a breeze! 

Le Sucre Lab is located at Unit 310, 3rd Floor Market Plaza Bldg., Suter Street Corner M. Roxas Street, 876 Santa Ana, Manila (Near Sta. Ana Elementary School). Visit their official Instagram page.

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