Titallennials : The "Tita" That Makes Home Cooking Easy

"I'm so DONE with all my yaya dramas!"

This is one line that I've been telling my family since Yaya D left us. I realized that no matter how nice or kind you are, you are never assured of their loyalty to you. I can't believe that my twins are barely a year old and we've gone through 3 nannies already. My friends actually told me that I have a pretty normal yaya count as some went as far as 10 nannies in the span of a year. Unbelievable. Indeed, good, loyal and honest helpers are hard to find.

That said, I made a resolution to train my kids to be self-reliant as they get older. Doing small household chores until they graduate to doing bigger things. Personally, I grew up without a nanny and I think I turned out okay. In fact, I find it even better as our small family of 4 became really close with the absence of a nanny. My parents have been very hands-on since Day 1 and helping out in the house never felt like a chore but rather something that Pan and I instinctively do. Simple things like fixing our bed, putting away the dirty dishes, washing the dishes, getting our own glass of water, organizing our closet and more. Even so, I still had a lot to learn when I migrated a few years ago and was faced with a helper-less reality.

Anyway, cooking is one of those things that I find easy and fun to do. More so, there are a lot of ways to cut your cooking time in half. There are special kitchen appliances that speeds up the cooking process, there are various alternatives to almost anything and there's Titallennials. These rising businesses that offers good, healthy food items where you can just re-heat or fry up at home.

My SIL has been telling me about this small store near my niece's school that sells organic veggies and frozen meats. They started with frozen meats and seafood which moms would buy to cook at home. Later on, they started to offer organic veggies, milk, nuts and more! On Wednesdays, they have their organic veggie day so Mom from my niece's school would line up to buy at their stores or they have a very active Viber account too that keeps everyone updated on the available items.

titallennials 4
I was able to try four frozen goods from Titallennials and one thing that I totally love about it is that it's MSG and preservatives free. Let me start with my most favorite one -- the Vietnamese Spring Roll (Php. 270). I honestly didn't thought much about it as I normally like the fresh option and having this deep-fried made me thought that it would be like the Filipino lumpia. Well, looks-wise, it does but as you take a bite, you'll love the well-packed content consisting of vermicelli noodles, a bit of minced pork and veggies. I was told that the best way to enjoy this is to wrap it in fresh lettuce, dip it into the Vietnamese vinegar and enjoy. I totally forgot about the lettuce but even without it, we all loved the spring rolls. It was so good.

titallennials 2
Next was the Skinless Chicken Longganisa (Php. 160). I can imagine having this for breakfast paired with a generous amount of garlic rice, atchara and egg. I love the sweet chicken meat and how you don't get to bite into much fat all throughout.

titallennials 1
We also got to try the Korean Pork BBQ (Php. 270). The perfect dish to have for all KPop fans out there..or even those who just loves Korean BBQ. One thing that I really noticed with Titallennials' products is the absence of extenders and fats. This makes it such a good deal given that you're a very good quality food item for a reasonable price.

titallennials 3
Lastly, we had the Chicken Tocino (Php. 160). Another breakfast option but one that we got to enjoy during dinner time. One reason why I try to avoid having chicken-option of any meats (eg: tocino, longganisa, hotdog) is the flavor. Chicken, for me, normally comes out more bland and more chewy than pork or beef. I was surprised that this Chicken Tocino was so tender and juicy. I love the slightly sweet kick which will go so well should you dip it in vinegar.

It took us less than 10 minutes to cook each dish which means I managed to prepare 4 dishes in less than an hour. Check out Titallennials' price list to see their wiiiiiideeeee selection of items.

Titallennials is located at 345 C. Ycaza street, San Miguel, Manila. Call them at 0920-9274177.

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