Unboxing with the #AngTwins : Tiny Buds Baby Naturals

If there's one thing my one year old twins are starting to show great interest in, it's unboxing with Mommy whenever there's a new package that gets sent out way. The sight of a mysterious-looking box most especially one wrapped in a big bow never fails to make them clap with happiness and quickly crawl/baby walk towards me. Sometimes, I would patiently wait for them to wake up from their nap in order for us to unbox the package together. Oh how I wish they'll never get tired doing this with me even as they grow up.

tiny buds ph 3
That said, I shall start a new series in this blog where I will be featuring the different boxes/packages that my twins and I have unboxed and their genuine reaction towards it coupled with my  personal thoughts about the product too. Thus, I present you my first entry under "Unboxing with the #AngTwins". Tadaahhhh!

tiny buds ph 8
Let me start with one of the brands that we have been using for the past year -- Tiny Buds. Even when my twins were newborn, Paul and I have chosen to try Tiny Buds for our liquid bottle cleaning solution. The reason is simple, it's a brand that focuses on producing products that's good and gentle for our babies. Given that the twins were NICU babies, we were extra extra careful with all the products being used on the things that they own. From their laundry detergent down to their bottle cleanser, Paul and I only would go with what's best for our kids. The first package that they got was when my twins were around 6 months old. They got Twiga the Giraffe which L adores so much (so much so that she bit off Twiga's antenna in no time *sigh*) as well as the Twiga learns how to say Thank You Book, one that I would still read to them till today. Since they were really little then, I did the unboxing and happily presented the gifts to them.

tiny buds ph 10
We also loved the Tiny Buds Chewbrush which they use till today. Initially, I was scared that my twins wouldn't like brushing their teeth but with the chewbrush, they enjoy every minute of it plus the Baby Toothgel (get the Strawberry Banana flavored one!) probably tastes really good that it's always a struggle to pull the brush out of their mouths every single night. I tell you, we never get to do it properly without a fight.

Today, my twins are so much bigger and truly appreciate every single box, paper, wrapper handed to them. Recently, we got another package from Tiny Buds and I was given a strict instruction : "Do not open until 3pm of the next day." So, I kept the box for one whole day and at 2:45pm the next day, I brought it out to my twins who just woke up from their noon time nap. Perfect, they were in the best mood.

Look how they happily accepted the box and how they tried to open the box themselves.

tiny buds ph 2
J being a good big brother is guiding his sister in opening the box

tiny buds ph 4
"ohhhh what are theseeee"

tiny buds ph 1
Eventually, the Yayas and I have to help and their reaction upon seeing the new Tiny Buds products were priceless. J loved the Rice Baby Powder while L took ownership of the Baby Bath as well as the tube of Lotion.

Meanwhile, I was one happy Mommy! You see, when I was pregnant, I've read a whole lot about the harmful products and chemicals that we have to avoid for our babies. There has always been an ongoing debate about baby powder in particular and for the longest time, Paul and I agreed that we will just not use it to stay safe. No to talc, no to other chemicals that our babies might accidentally inhale and could affect their health. Even when I was pregnant, myself, I stayed away from so many things as I didn't want to run the risk of harming them. I was THAT paranoid.

tiny buds ph 6
Anyway, I was soooo happy to see that these products are made from Real Rice Grains thus it's safe, chemical-free and totally natural making it 100% baby friendly.

Luckily, we were running low on lotion already so I told Yaya M1 to start using the Tiny Buds Rice Baby Lotion (Php. 185). She came to me the next day to say that she loved the texture as it was so silky to touch and it smelled really good too. I got to agree with that as I couldn't stop smelling my babies after their bath the next day. We have yet to use the Tiny Buds Rice Baby Bath (Php. 175) as well as the Rice Baby Powder (Php. 125).

However, I'll make a mental note the next time I take my kids to the salon, I should have the powder in their baby bag. You see, they had their first haircut recently and the hair stylist asked me if it's okay if they will dust J's neck with powder as they used the shaver to trim it short. I really hesitated while eyeing the commercialized baby powder that was sitting atop the salon's table until I just said no. Paul told me that maybe I can consider as the small bit of hair might make J itch but I just resorted to wiping his neck with wet wipes and instructed his yaya to give him a bath as soon as we got home.

I'm so thankful that we have local products that really puts our babies as top priority thus creating natural and good quality products using ingredients that's safe for them. Thank you so much Tiny Buds for sending us this beautiful package which truly brightened the day of my twins.

Check out Tiny Buds' online shop to see their full range of products.

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