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Earlier this month, we celebrated the birthday of one of our househelps, B. My twins would point to her as "Yaya B" which makes her very happy. She's been with us even before I gave birth to my twins and in this day and age where long-lasting househelps are a rarity, she's definitely winning the loyalty award so to speak.

I do value birthdays and it has been a tradition for us to celebrate the birthdays of everyone in the house thus including our loyal helpers and even Kuya M, my Mom's driver of close to a decade. Nothing grand but rather we would prepare a simple but meaningful meal for them. After all, they have made the sacrifice to be away from their own families to be able to stay and to work for us so in return, we make it a point to make them feel like they're part of the family. I've been away from my own family to work abroad for 4 years and I know how it feels when it's your birthday and you're not with your loved ones. I am very lucky that Paul has always been there with me but loneliness and homesickness could still be strongly felt. What more our helpers who has no one but us around them?

So, a day before B's birthday, I told her that dinner will be on me. I made a quick arrangement for Hot Dish to deliver some of their best selling items including ones that I know B would love. Ordering was a breeze and one reason why I was so excited to try Hot Dish is because I've been seeing posts and reviews from fellow foodie and mommy friends whose taste I trust.

hot dish ph5
First on my list was the Pancit Sisig (Php. 380 / 750 / 960) which apparently is their best-selling item. I have to admit that I had second thought on ordering this as you all know that my Capampangan husband can be very very picky towards his favorite sisig so I was so scared that this might not make the cut. Well, I'm happy that I just took the leap of faith and what do you know?! Paul couldn't stop raving about the Pancit Sisig! To those who are wondering what sisig is, it's a native Capampangan dish which is normally served on a sizzling plate. It consists of chopped pig's ears and for some, the addition of pork liver too which we do not like. Hot Dish's version seems to be one with chopped pork belly thus making it so tasty and filling.

In addition to that, the noodles were al dente and seasoned very well, It wasn't overly salty or too dry which is a common problem of mediocre pancit dishes out there. I love how the sisig stayed crunchy and it surprisingly went very well with the pancit. Indeed, this is a meal on it's own but with Hot Dish's impressive menu line-up, I couldn't just stop at that.

hot dish ph1
Next, I ordered my personal favorite -- Lumpia Shanghai (Php. 180 / 350 / 490). This has been one of my favorite Filipino food item since I was a kid. Thus, I really make it a point to order Lumpia Shanghai whenever possible. It's actually deep-fried spring rolls filled with veggies and pork. I'm happy to share the Hot Dish's version was very good. Despite the fact that it was delivered an hour early, the spring rolls remained crunchy and the filling was very good.

Even my Mommy was impressed and told us that this is very comparable to the one from M's which I think means a lot as M has been her favorite go-to place for the best Lumpia Shanghai in the metro. *clap clap clap*

hot dish ph2
Moving on, I also ordered the Buttered Fried Chicken (Php. 360 / 690 / 940) which was the birthday girl's favorite. Both B and Yaya M love anything fried chicken so this is definitely a must during their birthdays (and pretty much any other occasion). If you love butter then this is for you, you'll love the sweet, creamy whiff of butter from the moment you open the box up until you take your first bite. The chicken pieces were of generous sizes and for those who loves chicken skin, then this is definitely a must try.

hot dish ph3
We also tried the Ox tripe Kare Kare (Php. 600 / 1,150) which had a very generous portion of tripe (twalya). Be ready to cook more rice as the delicious sauce will make you go for seconds. I also love the sweet bagoong that came with it. The serving, once again, is huge! It's definitely so worth every penny.

hot dish ph4
Lastly, we had the Pichi Pichi (Php. 95). This came highly recommended by a fellow mommy blogger but sadly this is the only one that I wasn't so crazy about. It came quite tough and so chewy to be fully enjoyed. The Pichi Pichi was also a tad too sweet for my taste too. I would still stick to my old favorite for this particular dessert.

In case you're wondering, we got all medium sizes which is good for groups of 4-6. The pricing was very reasonable, in my opinion given the very generous serving for all of our orders. In fact, we still managed to still enjoy some more of the Kare Kare the next day.

Needless to say, B was so happy with this little celebration and I do wish that she will stay with us a bit more longer. *fingers crossed*

hot dish delivery menu

*special thanks to Hot Dish for the speedy delivery, yummy food and the amazing service. ♥

Order from Hot Dish by calling 0933-8207171 /0917-5967171. They deliver to Quezon City, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Makati and Taguig for a minimum purchase of Php 500 which is so easy to fulfill, agree? 

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