Seeing Clearly Now : Ownday Philippines in SM Megamall

First of all, this is not a sponsored post but rather an appreciation post.

owndays 6
A few weeks ago, I made a shoutout on my personal Facebook page asking my friends for their recommendation on where I should have my new glasses made. You see, I've been visiting the same optical shop from the time I first had my glasses when I was about 10 years old. Over time, we've been going back for grade adjustments, change of frames and so on. However, the past decade has been crazy busy for me! I got married, moved to another country, had my babies and well I barely had time to really change my frames. The least that I would do is to update my lenses since well, I won't be able to visually function properly with bad lenses, right? It was only lately that I took a close look at my frames and boy do they need some upgrade.

Within minutes, messages came pouring in with recommendations and I'd say... 90% of the responses said the same thing. OWNDAYS.

owndays 2
I am very familiar with this brand as there are Owndays outlets in Singapore and even one that's right across my old office. I always had this impression that it's a very upscale, premium brand given that it came from Japan. It was only when my friends told me that they can get frames with lenses for P4,000 or less that's when I began to pay attention. I do value my friends' recommendations and so, last week, I took the time out from work to head to SM Megamall as I remember seeing an Owndays shop there.

As soon as I entered the store, I was greeted by Juday who helped me choose my frame. You see, I have low eye grade but bad astigmatism. This is why I rarely wear my glasses in public but I do when I'm in front of the laptop (like now) or when I'm driving. My eyes are extremely sensitive to light, you see. Given that, I really didn't want to spend so much on my new glasses because I actually have an existing one that just badly needed an upgrade and since I don't wear my glasses 24/7, I just wanted a simple, lightweight one that I can use.

owndays 3
Juday then led me to the row with plastic frames. She helped me choose one that perfectly fits my face and gave me recommendations on the color that would suit me. After making my choice, she began to encode my details into their system.

owndays 4
While she was doing that, I went around to check out the other frames. They even have a Kid's Section with pretty frames for the little ones. Personally though, I pray that my twins will have perfect eyesight for life.

owndays 8
Within minutes, I met Dr. Tine who did my eye exam. Luckily, my eye grade and astigmatism stayed the same so I can still use my own frame and interchange it with this pretty looking one. I love how clean the examination room and machines were! Definitely very Japanese, I must say. Even the part where I have to read some letter on the screen was so high tech.

owndays 9
After getting my eye grade and assessment done, I was asked to wait at the reception area as my glasses is now being produced. Of course, I couldn't stay put as I just had to check the whole production stage out. You see, in the past, you have to wait for weeks to have your new glasses ready and this is really such a hassle because it means having to make time to go back to the optical shop to claim it and can you just imagine if you need to have it re-adjusted again? That means more waiting time and more back and forth.

Owndays is the perfect optical shop for busy people (which is pretty much everybody!). No need to go back for your new glasses to be ready and the best thing is it's really affordable. I forgot to mention that my glasses was just worth 1,999 inclusive of frame and lens! Such a great deal! I've never had any glasses made that's less than P4,000 in the past.

owndays 1
So there you go, just wanted to share my recent experience at Owndays with you and how I'm so thankful for all my friends (and my very own sister, Pan) who recommended Owndays to me. Thank you!

Owndays have close to 40 branches nationwide. I swear, they're like the Starbucks Coffee for optical shops for instance, they got 2 branches inside Greenhills Shopping Center! I won't be surprise if someday there'll be an Owndays shop in every other corner in some of the busiest areas in the metro. Check out the shop that's nearest to you

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