Ang Family takes the Tabasco Family Challenge

Every night, I thank Him for leading me to Paul 16 years ago. How he became my first serious and last boyfriend. Our love story is something that I just love telling over and over again. Apart from meeting and eventually marrying him, I am also thankful for gaining a new family who loved me like their own. I am blessed to have the best in laws who continuous to support me in whatever I do. So much so that they all were so game when I sent them this message a few hours before our Father's Day dinner last weekend:

"I got a bag filled with 6 bottles of Tabasco. Let's do a Tabasco tasting challenge later, ok?"

Within minutes, I got replies from Paul's siblings all saying yes! Aren't they just the best?

tabasco challenge
We had so much fun doing the challenge that even Daddy happily watched on and even helped me with the mechanics. Even my nephew J appointed himself as our game master and scorer, if you listen closely, you'll hear his cute commentator lines.

I grew up using Tabasco at home. In fact, this was the first hot sauce brand that I was expose to and I remember how Papa would have this on his steak, on noodles, on veggies and more. Tabasco is truly a household brand that it's one that we would immediately associate hot sauce with. After all, Tabasco was founded back in 1868 by Edmund Mclihenny in Louisiana, USA. That's a century and a half of having Tabasco as part of every family's dining table.

tabasco challenge
We're all familiar with the original Tabasco Red Pepper Sauce that I was surprised to discover that there are 5 other flavors namely: Garlic Pepper, Green Jalapeno, Chipotle Pepper, Habanero and Sriracha.

tabasco challenge
To try and better understand each flavor, I made my brothers-in-law Alvin and Ahia J and Alvin's pretty girlfriend Nicole do a blindfold challenge as we made them try 5 out of 6 Tabasco flavors. I'm also thankful to also have Achi Jen who helped me with the challenge.

Watch the video below and enjoy!

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