Authentic Japanese Feast at Soru Izakaya

"I miss this."

This was what Paul told me one afternoon as we were driving to an event without the kids. Recently, I learned something new about marriage. No matter how many kids you already have, never forget your role as a husband/wife to your other half. Since I gave birth to my twins, I guess it's pretty obvious that they became the center of our world. Day in and out, we have been so busy helping each other in taking care of them. Add to the fact that we have been quite unlucky in getting a reliable nanny till lately as we finally have Yaya M. Thankful also for my in laws who willingly help us watch the twins as we work and go about our day, Paul and I took a quick lunch date one day.

I was also badly craving for sushi and I got to admit that it's hard to find a reasonably priced sushi that's of good quality too. Most of the reputable Japanese restaurants that we got in our area have menu items priced pretty steep. This made me recall one of the lunch dates that we had months ago at Soru Izakaya. How we learned about this restaurant was during a visit at Geonbae last Valentine's Day where we found out that they have several restaurants under the same management. Anyway, food business is really tough and fast-moving that the very same Soru Izakaya branch in Ortigas that we recently visited is relocating to Quezon City soon. *sniff* There goes another good Japanese restaurant leaving the heart of the Ortigas business district but hooray for all Quezon City residents though.

soru izakaya 3
One thing that I love about Soru Izakaya is how they have a wide variety of sushi options to choose from. A visit here has totally satisfied my sushi-craving tummy. We started with a fresh platter of Sashimi Moriawase (Php. 690) which I find to be such a good deal. Thick cuts of fresh assorted seafood from salmon, tuna, mackerel and octopus. This is good to be shared when you're on a date or if you're feeling really hungry then you can have it all to yourself.

soru izakaya 12
For those who are not so into raw seafood can try the Oh Umi Maki (Php. 390) which is presented with a beautiful phoenix illustration. It's a combination of shrimp tempura with salmon topped with torched salmon slices, Japanese mayonnaise and sprinkled with fried tempura flakes. So umami!

soru izakaya 11
Meat lovers like Paul enjoyed the Gyu Maki (Php. 260) which has thin beef strips seasoned with shiitake mushroom, cream cheese and onsen egg on top. Break the egg and dip the maki into it before taking a bite.

soru izakaya 2
I also love starting my meal with some Spicy Maguro Salad (Php. 300) which is also another dish that's good for sharing. I love how generous the portion of tuna cubes were which sits on a bed of lettuce and sprinkled with tempura flakes and tossed in spicy Japanese mayo. Yummy! This was one of my favorites among the dishes that we had that day.

We surely went a little overboard with the starters but not to be outdone, the main dishes were pretty stellar too.

soru izakaya 10
First was the Saikoro Wagyu Cubes Teppan (Php. 490) which is your good kind of wagyu cubes. None of the artificially-tasting one but this one was so robust and tender. I love it! I can have this and a bowl of Japanese rice and I'm definitely good to go.

soru izakaya 8
For our carbs that day though, we opted for the Udon Carbonara (Php. 340) which sounded so unique and interesting thus the reason for ordering. Thick udon noodles with fresh uni pieces cooked in thick wasabi cream and topped with a generous amount of tobiko. It's good but definitely one that you might want to share as having it alone can easily fill you up already. Sharing is the best as this will allow you to try more dishes, don't you agree?

soru izakaya 7
We also tried the Nori Tempura (Php. 250 / 3 pieces) which I think was just a-okay as I find the tempura a bit on the dry side and I could hardly taste the nori flavor too. This is perhaps my least favorite dish that day but hey we loved 5 out of the 7 dishes that we tried that day which I think still makes it a good go-to place to satisfy your Japanese craving.

soru izakaya 13
We also got to try their dessert such as the Tiramisu (Php. 230) and the Japanese Strawberry Cheesecake (Php. 200). I like the latter more as nothing can really beat my friend Gary's winning Tiramisu.

With all the restaurants opening left and right, I can just imagine how tough the food business is. As most of them are lined side by side in every mall, commercial complex, and business centers, the fight to standout and to leave a lasting impression is always there. Our impromptu date at Soru Izakaya indeed has satisfied our craving for good Japanese food and while we may no longer be able to head back to the now-close Ortigas branch, we shall await their re-opening along Tomas Morato hopefully soon. Meanwhile, they also have a branch in Bonifacio Global City and in Sikatuna Village too so hooray for that!

Check out Soru Izakaya at Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City and the Ground Floor, 140 Maginhawa Street, Quezon City. Call them at 551-2488.

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