Instant Pot® Duo 6Q 7-in-1 is finally here in the Philippines!

Finally, the long long long wait is over and this is one news that I've been soooo excited to share with you all. In fact, I had to keep it a secret for more than a year but now, the cat is out of the bag and here's the BIG news.

instant pot 5
The famous Instant Pot is finally here in the Philippines and it's 220v ready! 

Okay, perhaps not a lot of you are familiar with the Instant Pot but let me tell you this, it's the newest innovation in home cooking where you can pressure cook, boil, steam, cook rice, make yogurt, saute and more. Back in the day when we would have the old school pressure cooker and my mom would warn us about getting close to it. 

"I have a friend who's daughter opened the pressure cooker and sago shot up her nose and she needed to undergo surgery. So be very careful, Frances."  

I would still remember Mommy telling me this horrendous story and how that vision of mini sago (tapioca pearls) flying all around the room and one shooting inside our poor family friend's nose has never left my mind. Anyway, I was a pretty obedient child so I stayed far far away from our pressure cooker. 

instant pot 6
Thanks to technology, I happily opened my box of sparkly new Instant Pot with so much excitement. This has took into consideration all the safety features to ensure that no flying sagos will ever happen. It's the perfect product for those living in small spaces as you can minimize the clutter with this handy-dandy appliance. 

Cook rice? check! 
Steam food? check! 
Boil veggies? check! 
Saute meat? check check check! 
Hey, it can make yogurt too so how cool is that? 

instant pot 8
Also, if you're in a rush, you can pre-program your Instant Pot to start cooking at a specific time making sure you get your food ready right on time without having to guard it all day. If you're a small family, you can also press the Keep Warm button so no need for reheating as you can just store your food in there and it stays warm for as long as you want it too. One thing that I also notice is how it keeps the splatter, oil and steam intact. That means less clean up to do and all you actually have to wash is the stainless steel cooking pot and the cover. The rest just requires wiping and it's good to use again the next day. 

instant pot 7
After several research, I found out that you can also bake a cake using the Instant Pot. I have yet to do that but I'm so excited! While I admittedly am super in love and dependent on my oven, this give all condo dwellers the chance to bring out their inner baking goddess and the "not having an oven" excuse will now be a thing of the past. 

I love how there's a growing community of Instant Pot fans here in the Philippines where I get recipe inspirations from. Even my friend C from Brightbrands have gifted me with a cute silicone mitten which is what I always use when I'm releasing the valve. Remember that releasing the valve is a very important safety step. Do not open the lid if valve is still floating up.

Anyway, let me share a couple of recipes with you in my succeeding blog posts. I know, by now, you're excited to know how much the Instant Pot costs. Believe it or not, it's available for only Php. 6,995 and you may order via the Official Instant Pot page.

Update: Use this promo code IPFRANCES300 and enjoy a special discount when you buy your very own Instant Pot

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