Lola Ester's Bread and Pastries in Blue Ridge, Quezon City

I just had one of the yummiest breakfasts a few days ago. It was in the form of these interesting looking bread that's generously filled with cream cheese and herbs. What makes it so good is the slightly sweet buttery crust that it has. I discovered Lola Ester's Bread and Pastries through my friend L who shared with me this family secret of hers. Apparently, Lola Ester has been baking empanadas and breads for years and finally, they're allowing the public to have a taste of her specialties.

lola ester 1
The delicious bread that I was talking about is Lola Ester's Herb Cream Cheese Pull Apart (Php. 250 for 2 pieces) which took inspiration from the famous Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread which I've never came across with in our neighborhood Korean bakery. Anyway, I'm glad that Lola Ester introduced me to it as it's soooo good! Even my twins loved it that I literally had to put on my Mama Bear cap and willingly share this with them (even if I know I just want more more more haha) . It has a generous filling of rich cream cheese and lots of garlic and herbs. As previously mentioned, I feel like she must have brushed the outer crust with butter and sugar as it has a nice sweet note which broke the umay (cloying) factor the garlic cream cheese. Bravo, Lola Ester! I'm definitely getting more.

lola ester 2
Apart from the bread, she also has her signature Pork Empanadas (Php. 200 for 10 pcs). One thing that I've noticed is that it's more plump than a usual empanada and the length is slightly smaller. In other words, its a bit petite and chubby (like me! bwahahah kidding).  I actually like this size as it's not too big to make it so filling nor was it extra tiny. It was simply, just right especially as an afternoon snack.

The empanada was so packed with pork, potato and raisin. I don't eat raisins so I took every single one out but it's okay as I really liked it. I love how flavorful the ground pork was and the potato just filled the empanada just right.

lola ester 3
Between the two though, I got to admit that I fell so much in love with the Herb Cream Cheese Pull Apart that I can't stop thinking about it. It's so good and I think it's one of the very few home bakers/bakery that sells this...or is it the only one?

Check out Lola Ester's Bread and Pastries on Instagram and call 09985387783 to order.

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