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I got to admit that one thing that I really missed during the quarantine period is my favorite milk tea. When we first had the lock down, I tried in vain to search for any available milk tea shops that might be open during that period and while there sure were, I never really got around to ordering from them for several reasons.

First -- I was scared of their sanitation. I wasn't sure of the measures that they're taking to ensure that my drink will never ever be contaminated. Secondly -- I wasn't sure what's good to order as the ones open were not the ones that I would usually go get milk tea from. So as soon as we went on GCQ, Paul and I took the chance to check if our neighborhood Serenitea shop was open and it was! Yahoo! Not only that, they were even running a Buy One Get One promo to make us even happier. So for a couple of weeks, we happily had random milk tea runs and finally, our milk tea cravings have been fully satisfied.

serenitea 5
I've been staying home more often now as our family doctor has advised us to do so. This is also for the safety of everyone in the family as we do not want to run the risk of bringing home the virus. That said, we have been cooking and creating yummy things more often now and this is also why I really appreciate and love DIY kits. There are just days when you want to dine out or go to your favorite cafe or milk tea shop and when that moment happens, you just want to be prepared to answer that want.

Look what we got here! Serenitea now has home kits where you can make your own drinks such as the famous Okinawa Milk Tea with Pearls (no less!) and the Taro Lover with Panna Cotta. I have to admit that when I initially opened my package from Serenitea, I felt a bit intimidated. Will I really be able to do this? I've always loved Serenitea and its drinks and I just don't want to ruin that experience for myself or for anyone in the family. After all, the Serenitea staff all look like drinks pros as you watch them brew, mix, blend and shake your drinks.

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Well, the package came with a very easy to follow guide so first up was the Taro Lover with Panna Cotta which is one drink that Paul and I truly love. One package comes with 1kg of Taro Powder and your choice of sinkers. There's one that has pearls or perhaps with 1kg panna cotta powder, there's also the option to get it with 1kg of Egg Pudding or with 15 sachets of Okinawa 3 in 1. My guess is one set can make (15) 16oz cups and it retails for nothing more than P1,299. If you do the math, then it's about P86 a cup! That's a great deal and you get to enjoy your drink at the comforts of your home.

Okay, so here was our first attempt in making the drink:

serenitea 4
Step 1: Cook the Panna Cotta based on the instruction, Paul took charge of this and I'd say that he did a marvelous job. He really likes making jelly so this one was easy peasy for him.

serenitea 2
Step 2: Prepare your ingredients for the drink -- Taro powder + Milk + Sugar + Panna Cotta
I suggest also prepare a big liquid measuring cup to ensure you get the right quantity

Step 3: Dissolve the Taro Powder in hot water and add in the Milk and Sugar. Mix very well as you wouldn't wanna bite into taro lumps. Pour it into your glass with the Panna Cotta at the bottom.

Step 4: Enjoy!

serenitea 6
I wouldn't believe that it was THAT easy. I'm not exaggerating. Not counting the cooking time for the Panna Cotta, we were able to create the drink in less than 10 minutes. Now comes the verdict, the taste. All I can say is, I can truly satisfy my Serenitea craving whenever it hits me anytime in the day. The Taro Lover was so good and it tasted just like how it would when created in the store. To really give us that Serenitea feels, we enjoyed our Taro Lover with Ximending's Chicken Pops that's sprinkled with 5 spice powder. Yummy!

I can't wait to try the Okinawa Milk Tea next. Creating the pearls will definitely be the ultimate test.

While I try to go and do another kitchen experiment, why don't you check out these Serenitea Express kits which are available through the Serenitea stores and online through Lazada and Shopee.

For more details, check out Serenitea on Facebook and Instagram

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