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 I guess this is truly the "new normal". How things have quickly moved online -- paying bills, processing payments, ordering food, sending out courier items and many more. Since the start of the quarantine, our family has heavily relied on our friends who have took their products online. From breads, to fish, from veggies and fruits and even cooked food. I've lost count of the number of deliveries that have been made and with that, we follow a very strict sanitation protocol to ensure that the dreaded virus stays out and away from our home. As you know, we had a scare just a month ago and it was really stressful and horrible. It was so hard to isolate someone much more to isolate 4 people in the family and to adjust how we do things here. The inconvenience was one thing but more than anything, it was the emotional stress that really took a toll on us. The fear that one may be positive and could have possibly infected the rest was one thing we were so scared of. Thankfully, the tests all came out to be negative and we're just so happy. However, that also means, we have to "tighten" our rules to ensure we won't have that kind of scare anymore. 

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Grilled Rib-Eye with Creamy Mashed Polenta

This is also why it has been a while since I've made any new online orders. Instead, we would go for the ones that we've tried before or those being sold by our friends. There's still that fear and we just need that extra reassurance that the products are okay. For instance, when it comes to ordering top quality beef we rely on Prime Cut Meat and Deli for several reasons -- they always pack the meat so well and clean. No oily and wet boxes, the vacuum-sealed cuts were well-labeled with the right names and weight, it's so compact that it's easy to store. 

I'm not going to show you the raw meat as some might not like that but instead, let me make your mouth water with some of my favorite dishes using premium cuts of steak and deli meats from Prime Cut. 

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Galbi Jjim (Korean Beef Stew)

I went all K-Pop one weekend after watching The World of Married. I know the story does not have much eating unlike Crash Landing on You or Itaewon Class but there was this 5 minute scene of Dr. Ji cooking Galbi Jjim and her sloppy husband just went for the pot and got himself a piece and ate right on the kitchen counter thus creating a mess from the sauce dripping. I was pretty sure the director and writer never really thought much about that scene but from the time that I saw that, I was so determined to cook Galbi Jjim and having a pack of Angus Short Ribs from Prime Cut inside our freezer was just the perfect sign for me to give it a go. 

prime cut 3
Making the dish was surprisingly easy! I boiled the short ribs to clean out all excess blood. In my blender I blended together soy sauce, honey, mirin, chopped pears, garlic, onion, ginger, sesame oil. Adding some pears really made the difference so don't forget to include this. After which I just braised the beef with the beef stock and returned the beef together with my choice of veggies -- carrots, mushroom and dates. I would have added in some scallion but I forgot to buy some that weekend. Bring this to a boil and you're done! It's so easy and you can even create a big pot and portion this out for you to enjoy in the next few days. Just store it well in the freezer once the Galbi Jjim is at room temperature.

prime cut 2
English Breakfast 

One thing that I love about Prime Cut's meat is that it's really of good quality. The steak becomes tender and really buttery, the thickness was just right, it doesn't have any funky raw meat smell and I love how you can really see that it's marbled so well. The same goes for their deli meat. They have bacon and sausages but my favorite was really the Japanese sausage (Nippon Arabiki). I had it for several breakfast and it never fails to bring more happiness into my morning plate. Had it with eggs and waffle or on some days, I'd just had it plain with a bowl of oatmeal and either way it's just so yummy. The price is very reasonable too given the quality of meat that you're getting. 

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing with you more of my quarantine finds and how they've helped us from having to leave the house to do our usual meat/seafood/produce shopping. 

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