Celebrating Mother's Day to the Max : Max's Restaurant

I often joke that the most used word in the house is "Mommy." I tell you, whenever I'm home and within sight, my twins would be calling out for me at 10 to 15 minutes interval. "Mommy, I'm hungry", "Mommy I need to go potty", "Mommy where's my (fill in with missing toy)", "Mommy?? Mommy??? Mommy!!!" 

Don't get me wrong though, I treasure moments like this because I know that in a few years, these calls for Mommy won't be as often and random anymore. If only time can slow down a bit in order for me to savor each moment with them. 

I'm also lucky because we live with my parents and that means being able to see Mommy and Papa on a daily basis. Just as how my twins would call for me, I am thankful that I can easily go to my Mom for anything. She's here to always give me the best advice whenever I need to make an important decision. She is also one of the first to know about our family's milestones and achievements. She's there to remind me to take a break from work and to take good care of my health. Lastly, she's one of the twin's biggest spoilers but at the same time, I'm thankful that they're growing up with Gwammy and Kongkong who helps us in teaching them the right values. 

max chicken 04

For Mother's Day, my mom got a special treat from one of her favorite restaurants -- Max's Restaurant. No joke. There are about hundreds of thousands of restaurants in the country but anytime you ask her where would she like to celebrate her birthday or go for lunch, I can bet you that Max's Restaurant will always be part of her top 3. For her, Max's Restaurant brings back a lot of good childhood memories and given that she's quite picky with her food intake, she likes that the dishes at Max's remains very consistent through the year. Imagine, the restaurant has been around since 1945! That's 77 years! 

It's a good thing that Max's Mother's Day Bundle consists of all of our family's favorites --  1 whole Fried Chicken, Lechon Kawali Kare-Kare, Lumpiang Shanghai, Plain Rice (Large), and a Mini Caramel Cake (5-inch) by Max’s Corner Bakery. All for only Php. 1,849! What a great deal. 

max chicken 05

Mommy really enjoyed the fried chicken a lot especially when you dip it in their signature Banana Ketchup. She's really OC and would rarely eat with her hands but she just can't resist doing so with Max's Fried Chicken. She said that what she loves about it is that it's not very greasy and the flavor was spot on. While she doesn't have the biggest appetite but for Max's Fried Chicken, she'd gladly go for seconds 

max chicken 03

If Mommy is having a trip down memory lane with Max's Fried Chicken, mine would be with the Lumpia Shanghai. I remember enjoying this ever since I was a kid. My parents would often take home food from Max's and it would always be their Fried Chicken, Lumpia Shanghai and Camaron Rebosado. Nothing has changed. I love the sweet meat filling and the sweet and sour sauce that comes with it. My twins had a taste of Max's lumpia shanghai and they enjoyed it very much too. 

max chicken 01

We also had the Lechon Kawali Kare Kare which was very interesting. Enjoy it as soon as it arrives and you get to see the contrasting texture of the crunchy lechon kawali sitting on top of a bed of veggies in creamy and thick peanut sauce. It's so good! The flavor was quite mild and goes well with the bagoong that's served with it. 

max chicken 02

To cap our celebration, we had the Mini Caramel Cake which wasn't too sweet and the light vanilla chiffon cake inside was soft and spongey too. We just weren't too crazy over the icing but if you are then you'll love the rich and thick troubadour icing that covers the cake. This cake has been one of the classic cakes from the Max's Corner Bakery and it's making a short comeback so you can also get this separately for only Php. 499. 

Mother's Day need not to be grand and expensive. What matters if you honor the women in your life and make them feel like queen every single day. ♥ 

Check out this special Mother's Day bundle by Max's Restaurant which will be available from April 29 to May 31, 2022. Orders can also be made through delivery.maxchicken.com or via their hotline (02) 888-79000 (Metro Manila).

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