ZIG in Greenhills Promenade, San Juan City

This is the story of when healthy food can be happy food too! It's been a while since we're visited the Greenhills Shopping Center. Yes, despite it's proximity to home, we rarely get to go out during the pandemic so after two years, while I took the chance to run some errands at Greenhills, I was so surprise to see that what used to be just a steel parking building now has F&B outlets at the ground floor already. Cool! 

The first store that caught my eye was Koomi. I was so happy I've been wanting to try Koomi after hearing raves from friends that it's the best yogurt drink in town. Beside Koomi are two very new names that I'm not familiar with -- ZIG and Oh My Greek. These are all from the same company so today, let me tell you more about ZIG. 

zig omg 06

The concept of ZIG is simple -- they specialize in healthy dishes using the freshest ingredients. This is perfect for those who are watching their weight, their health and basically their food intake. Gone are the days when healthy food is limited to sad looking salads or flat, dry bread. Today, there are a lot of options that gives you less calories, improves your cardiovascular well-being and the best thing is, they're so yummy you won't feel sad about eating healthy at all. 

Together with some of my foodie friends, we had our first ever face-to-face dinner and we were able to try some of ZIG's specialties. So what's on the table? 

zig omg 01

Tuna and Avocado Tartare (Php. 390) -- I love tartare especially one with the freshest seafood and when you pair this with one of my most favorite fruits in the world, this immediately tells me that I'm in for a real good meal. I love the fresh chopped tuna mixed with creamy avocado cubes and micro greens. It's drizzled with sesame oil thus bringing out its flavor and served with fried wonton chips. 

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Squash Blossoms (Php. 380) -- This reminded me of the fried squash flowers that we had at Loggia. However, this one is a healthier version as it has goat's cheese inside and is served with Napoletana sauce. It's so good and was one of my favorite starters that evening. I love how the squash flower was deep-fried crunchy then you get a contrasting texture inside from the cream goat's cheese. It's so good! 

For their mains, you have to..as in..you MUST try their Keep it Shrimple Sushi Bowl (Php. 305) -- If you love poke bowls and sushi, then this is the best choice for you. You can have a choice of white sushi rice, brown sushi rice or quinoa and it's topped with fresh prawns, tempura crumbs, mangoes, asparagus, red cabbage, nori strips and drizzled with Sriracha Mayo. It's so so so good! I love how refreshing the mangoes were and the shrimps have this nice crunch in every bite. 

zig omg 08

It's a Thai (Php. 320) -- For those who wants to stay away from carbs and would go for salad, this version has everything to complete your food groups. It has protein from the roast beef, greens from a mix of lollo rosa lettuce, romaine lettuce and cherry tomatoes to name a few, vitamins from the green bell pepper, red onion and it's drizzled with Thai sweet chili dressing. It's low in cholesterol and fat and it's very filling too! 

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Cheese Said Yes  (Php. 490) -- For those dining in a group like us, we all enjoyed the Salad Pizza of ZIG. It's your healthy version of everyone's favorite pizza which has sourdough or wheat bread as its crust. This pizza is topped with four types of cheese -- mozzarella, kesong puti, blue and parmesan. It's served with arugula and alfalfa sprouts and the best way to enjoy this is to tucked in some greens in and roll your pizza slice. You may think that cheese is salty but this pizza is actually low in sodium, fat and cholesterol. This is so awesome! 

zig omg 05

Mushroom & Truffle Sourdough (Php. 390) -- Lastly, you can have ZIG at any given time of the day. They have meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner available and even if you may have missed breakfast, you can enjoy their all-day breakfast at night too. We tried the Mushroom & Truffle Sourdough and this is perfect for truffle fans out there. I'm a huge fan of truffles so I enjoyed this so much. It's your classy piece of toast with a generous portion of sliced mushrooms, truffle oil and parsley. So simple and good! 

These are just some of the yummy dishes that we got to enjoy during our dinner at ZIG. I still keep on thinking about the Sushi Rice till today. I think it's time to head back for another fill. I'm glad that we now have options of eating healthy even when dining out. 

ZIG is located at P6 Greenhills across Theater Mall inside the Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan City. Follow them on Facebook for more details

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