Angel's Kitchen

reposted from dated August 4, 2007

After hearing a lot of raves about this small homey-feel restaurant along Connecticut street in Greenhills, Paul and I have decided to give it a try ourselves.

We arrived at around 830PM thinking that it will be easy to get a table since #1 the place is relatively new #2 the dinner crowd are most probably done by this time.

oh boy! were we caught by surprised beginning from the lonnnngg (and im serious) line of parked cars around the restaurant and after finally getting a parking slot the wait for table was up next. this small cozy restaurant was jam packed with familiar faces from the ica-xavier community, there were icans and xavierians my age, to families in long tables and it looks like they won't be leaving anytime soon.

What impressed me most was the fact that the owners were there to personally attend to their customers. one owner approached us and told us that our table will be ready in 5 minutes. a couple of minutes have passed and our growling tummies didnt help in keeping us patient for our table. we started planning for our back up plan on where to eat instead. true to her word, the owner came back after 5 minutes telling us that our table is ready. wow!

of course i was delighted! we were immediately served with a bottle of water, a bowl of crostinis and a serving of chicken pistachio pate which i must say is really really good!

we got the oriental salad and unagi shitake pasta to share. while waiting, one owner chatted with us, we found out that they opened last March and this (pertaining to the jam packed) crowd is really normal during the weekends. just imagine, they relied mainly on word of mouth, no loud advertising, no print ad placements just the power of having one friend passing on the good word to another and so on.

finally our orders came. they look really appetizing and this made paul and i really excited to try them out. Auntie Lucy, the chef, came out to greet us. since she is a friend of my mom, of course, she immediately looked for mommy and told me to bring her there soon. she also noticed that we havent tried the pasta and told us to eat it fast before it gets cold. hahaha so while Paul was busy mixing our salad, i tried the unagi shitake pasta and i really liked it! i love the mixture of unagi cubes with loads of shitake mushroom on al dente pasta plus their special sauce that made the dish taste like unagi rice only better.

oriental salad is paul's all time favorite type of salad so i'd say he can really distinguish a good one from a rotten, gaya-gaya one. he took one bite of the salad and he just nodded telling me that it's really good. yay! another thumbs up dish! i tried it myself but i find the dressing a bit bland for my taste. perhaps im looking for the sesame taste that one can normally find in an oriental dressing. nonetheless, it was a good salad with fresh lettuce and cucumbers plus 4 chicken popcorns as an extra treat.

judging from what the other customers ordered, looks like this restaurant is known for its potato-crusted salmon and its lengua con setas. these we will try on our next visit.

we capped our meal with one of their popular dessert, the choco lava a la mode. according to our server this consists of a serving of their chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzles all over. since we're not really fans of complicated sweet treats, we immediately chose that over their other best-sellers namely: banana cream pie, white chocolate cheesecake on oreo crust and their french sansrival (so sorry i forgot what's it called).

one thing about dessert is that most restaurants put so much effort on their main entrees, salads, appetizers, etc and fail to give just as much importance to dessert. just imagine the effect of enjoying your meal and when the customer gets to the dessert and is disppointed by it, this immediately ruins the entire experience of the customer in your restaurant.

i'm glad that Angel's Kitchen gave just as much emphasis on the quality of their desserts thus the numerous take out orders that they get from their customers who still want to bring home a slice of cake after their meal.

our dessert came and my choco-loving boyfriend was simply impressed. the cake was just right-- not too dry, not too gooey and most of all not too sweet.

it was a perfect way to end a busy week and a delightful dinner.

i'm definitely giving Angel's Kitchen FIVE stars for their yummy food, wonderful service and most of all the memorable experience that i had last night. :)

Angel's Kitchen is located at 57 Connecticut st., North East GH, San Juan.

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