Last friday was a great day, aside from the fact that i spent most of my time outside the office visiting sites with Ding as well as it being the launch of my newest baby called the Green Tea Redefined series... it was also the day when i finally completed my certification as a Coffee Master.

What is a Coffee Master?
Every partner in Starbucks Coffee begins as a coffee explorer. We go through the 2 weeks training program immersing ourselves in the culture, the procedures and finally allowing ourselves to gain more appreciation on coffee. At the end of the training period, store partners will begin their regular shifts as baristas whereas Support Center partners like myself move on to fulfill the responsibilities and functions that we applied for.
Through time, a partner will then take an exam to evaluate his/her knowledge on coffee. From the different types of blends down to the tiniest detail on how to have the best coffee the Starbucks way. After passing the exam, the partner will then go through the presentation. Here he/she must be knowledgeable about the coffee that will be presented. From the four steps of coffee tasting down to preparing the right food pairing for the chosen blend.
After passing the presentation, the partner will then be certified as a Coffee Master.

What's next after being a Coffee Master?
Being a coffee master means more than doning a black apron. It gives you the responsibility to share your coffee knowledge with others. Store partners who are coffee masters will eventually be given the chance to facilitate a coffee break (a short lecture tackling different modules available). Support center coffee masters, on the other hand, will be given the chance to join the Ambassador's Cup that happens every other year.
Last night's certification wasn't really something planned, actually it was pretty risky as it really tested how knowledgeable i already am after spearheading a number of coffee break modules for almost a year and a half.

Good thing luck was at my side last night as i was able to make it and finally able to receive my own black apron Ü yahooo!!

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