someday, when i grow up i want to write for a magazine...

that was me back in 1998..close to a decade ago when i began to appreciate international glossies such as YM, Bop (ok nakakahiya ito...) and a lot more that features popular boy bands and hollywood teen stars. A year after, my loyalty shifted to our local titles partly due to the increasing prices of their international counterparts and also because my interest towards international showbiz chismis slowly declined. Then came Candy, Meg and Seventeen. A high school girl's bible on what's in and what's not. We were taught that flared jeans and elephant pants were totally cool so were cargo pants and funky hats that you can wear when you and your barkada would go to Galleria to have your neoprints taken.
Of course, there's the traditional prom issue that would come out every January. There's a list of things to do weeks prior to your prom (like getting a manicure, reserving for a boutonniere, etc etc), there's a catalog of popular gown designs that your family mananahi can use as a guide to make sure you won't go to the prom worrying that you might have the same dress as your classmate *eep!* this and a whole lot more.
I love those 3 titles back then! After all, it is cool to be in the know.

Then college came rolling along...of course I wasn't seventeen anymore and the prom season for us translates to final exams, projects and making sure you complete your course requirements on time not unless you want to see a big,bold 3.5 on your class card. Reading a magazine has been my ultimate stress-reliever. I enjoy scanning pages after pages of fashion editorials, learning about new travel and food spots and if i have the extra time, i'd even read my monthly horoscope (hahaha!). In college, Chalk magazine has been my numero uno favorite reading material..(because obviously i still spent more time reading my Comm Law handouts or Kotler's Marketing book..) I love it so much that i was totally jumping for joy when i was chosen to be UA&P's Official Student Correspondent (OSC). Though my stint as an OSC was pretty short but it was a memorable year for me as i went hands-on in helping out during photo shoots, i was also able to write an article on ::MiXeD uP:: and i had the chance to get to know the people behind my favorite college magazine. In short, it was then a piece of career heaven for me. Fast forward 9 years, done with college and on with career life, I found a new magazine that perfectly targets the aspiring chefs, food aficionados or simply individuals who loves and appreciates food (period). Sure, there have been existing food magazines in the past but nothing beats this one that has the right mix of mouth-watering recipes that will make you get up, check what's in your cupboard and try it out pronto or a list of items or places that we never know exists in the metro.

I present to you my newest favorite magazine by Summit Media: YUMMY

Starting from the cover, the team behind my favorite magazine obviously makes an effort to keep the layout clean. Perhaps their goal is to make sure that the first thing the reader will notice is the featured dish and nothing else. It's simplicity obviously matches my OC/minimalist taste. I love how they categorize their recipes based on their chosen theme. Lastly, I like that they have devoted one section every issue to suggest new or must-try places.

Yummy is not just a food magazine but instead it is a lifestyle magazine for everyone who loves just about everything and anything about food.

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