NY Pizza Express

Pizza has always been the number one comfort food for me and pan. For instance, a long and hectic periodical exams week will never be complete without ordering our favorite Shakey's Friday's Special thin-crusted pizza and a bucket of Mojos and Dip for one afternoon snack.

Thus today was no exception. Resting at home for a day, I've decided to surprise my lil sister, who was a bit upset, with our favorite snack!

Enter NY Pizza Express.

Paul has been telling me about this new pizza place along J. Abad Santos here in San Juan for a couple of months now. Actually, NY Pizza Express was formerly located along Wilson street but good thing they have decided to transfer to a nicer place with ample parking and better visibility. With a number of New York style pizza brands sprouting everywhere from Yellow Cab to Brooklyn Pizza and a lot more, i wasn't initially that excited in trying this one out because i thought that this most probably would taste pretty much the same just like the others.

I love the richness of a NY style pizza matched with the unique way of eating it (you fold it vertically in half and eat it like a taco) but my only complain is how oily it can get. Imagine having oil dripping down your hands as you eat through your slice of pizza. ewww..

However, wanting to try something new, i dialled up their easy-to-memorize number and ordered ourselves a box of pizza. It helps that the server who took my call was very accomodating and she patiently enumerated the 8 variants that are available. Probably sensing that i was having a hard time deciding, she then suggested that i can order four variants in one pizza for us to be able to have a taste of each. the pricing was very reasonable as well. unlike other brands who would just charge you with the highest amount regardless of the number of combined flavors you get, NY Pizza Express will charge you depending on the half price of each flavor and will further divide this into 2 since you're only getting 2 slices per variant. With that I finally got the Libby's All in Supreme + Bay Shore Anchovy & Garlic + Tropic Hawaiian Delight + Bronx's Simply Cheesy Pizza all for the price of P480!

First, I tried the Cheese pizza. Known to be the simplest pizza flavor offered by practically all pizza company, this variant is one of the oiliest as well perhaps due to the olive oil that they would brush to make the pizza look shiny and i dunno.. delectable i guess. So folding it in half, i armed myself with loads of table napkins to avoid making an oily mess. I took my first bite and i love love love the creamy, strong taste of the cheese. Wait a minute...no drip of oil yet? ok, another bite.. hmm still no drip. I must say i love NY Pizza Express' Cheese pizza. They were able to lock in the flavor without making it difficult and messy to eat. It also feels good to eat something so yummy minus the drips and yucky feeling that you're loading up on unwanted calories. hahaha!

Next, Pan and I shared on one slice of the Libby's All in Supreme. I was told that this is their best-seller and i know why. Instead of using tomato sauce for the base, this flavor made use of a special dressing that has the consistency and color of a thousand island dressing only better. After which, each slice is loaded with what i'd call the Works! italian sausage, ham, bacon, pepperoni, green & red bell peppers, olives, onions, you name it this pizza got it! I'm glad that we shared on one slice because this can really fill you up right away.

Each slice is 18" long and it's ideal of family gatherings, small parties or just an afternoon bonding session. What's nice here is that NY Pizza Express is willing to slice your pizza depending on how small you want each portion to be.

Currently new in the market, they still havent expanded their menu to other choices but with their yummy pizza flavors, a visit to their store or a call for them to delivery is well worth it.

NY Pizza Express is located at Jose Abad Santos street, San Juan (beside Ice Monster). Call them at 722-9898.

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