travelling starts NOW!

Travelling keeps me sane.

No matter how OC i can get, it's fun to take a guided tour especially when going to unfamiliar places to save me from all the hassle, unneccessary expenses and "ay mali" moments. Trying not to be soooo excited for fear that I might jinx it *prays hard*. I have to say i can't wait for February to come along!

Check out my travel schedule next month:

February 2, 2008 : The BIG Binondo Food Wok - Chinese New Year special

my first Big Binondo Food Wok adventure

I loveeee Ivan ManDy's food walk that I am going for Round Two with my favorite colleagues! Ü We'll be walking up and down the streets of Binondo as we join in the super duper cool festivities of the Chinese New Year! I'd say... Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!!!

February 9 - 10, 2008 : Clark, Pampanga

photo taken from:

It's time once again for the 12th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Exhibit and boy,oh boy am I excited! We booked out hotel room 2 months before and guess what?! Most of the rooms were already taken! woah!

This will be my only DIY trip this month. Can't wait to bring Pan to all the must-go/must-see/must-eat-at places in Pampanga!

Click here for the event schedule. See you there!!

February 23 - 25, 2008 : Photoholics '08: Ilocos Heritage Tour

photos taken at Flickr (Yahoo)

Woohooo!! the Best Finale for my 1st Travelling Month of 2008! Finally, Paul and I will be able to go up North and see famous sites like the Paoay Church, Crisologo Street, sinking Bell Tower and "the Boracay of the North" Pagudpud!!

Tour will be c/o the Travel Factor

We're all set, we're ready to go...please I pray that nothing...absolutely NOTHING goes wrong...


  1. hope you enjoy ilocos! been there several times but it was only once that i got to really tour the province bec we were with the daughter of the governor (i think!)..been to the malacanang of the north, where Marcos is (is he still there?!), the churches and someplaces i've forgotten already! haha

    i loooove pagudpod although the last time we went there, i didn't get to enjoy our stay =( I had to take care of AD and limit his sun exposure..I don't want him to get darker than he was at that time.

  2. thanks rache!! paul and i are super excited nga for it hope we won't jinx it! :-/


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