27 Dresses

Always the bridesmaid but never the bride.."

This statement has always been present as reason for a number of wedding beliefs in our society. Such pamahiin (superstitious belief) includes avoiding to be the bridesmaid three times in a row or being the maid of honor for someone younger than you for fear that you'll never get married yourself.

What happens when a girl who simply adores weddings makes a total career out of helping her soon-to-wed girlfriends and eventually becomes their maid of honor 27 times? Everything is going oh-so-well until her attractive younger sister ends up as the bride-to-be of the man whom she has been madly in-love with for a long time.

This movie is your typical romantic comedy flick that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. An added bonus also is that James Marsden, who plays as a young newspaper columnist Kevin, is super duper cute. Ü I love Katherine Heigl's (our heroine Jane) body! Kainis...everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that she wears looks soooo beautiful!

A very light movie that is perfect for that lazy saturday afternoon where all you want to do is to sit back, eat some popcorn and watch a "no-brainer-yet-emotionally-stimulating" movie.

27 Dresses

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