A Love Affair with Coffee (Nescafe Direct Mailer)

Oh how I miss my IMC days... Back when we would have to deal with sleepless nights thinking of marketing strategies and coming up with executions for Starbucks Coffee (who would have known that I'd actually end up doing this for real!), Sun Cellular, Presto Creams and of course, Vetracin, the brand that played a very important role in the Paul & Fran love story. *sigh*

For those who are wondering what IMC is, it stands for Integrated Marketing Communication. This was my chosen course and till this day, I couldn't imagine myself taking up any other course but that.

Marketing is my life, even as a freshman in the university, I've been busy getting sponsorships for my organization. Clearly, I have a soft spot for students asking me for sponsorships because I know how stressful this can be..then again, do not dare murder any part of my name for that is unforgivable. tsk tsk

Speaking of marketing, a direct mailer was sent to my sister last Thursday. Although I noticed that the material isn't very sturdy, I also noticed the inviting message, attractive design and the brilliant idea of creating a handy expandable-envelope type for recipients to store all future mailers that will be sent. This is Nescafe's newest below the line effort to reach out to their prospective Nescafe Amore clients.

Pretty clever I thought, as I carefully opened the mailer. Inside, they enclosed two sampler packs of their newest product. Nescafe Fit and Nescafe Relax. Hmm..tempting. I wonder if they're good. It was too late for coffee that night so I postponed my test run until the moment I got home from work yesterday.

"This thing better work", I thought as I opened the tiny pack of Nescafe Relax and began to prepare the coffee. Pouring the hot water into my mug, I immidiately smelled the aroma of the coffee.. Mmmm, the smell of sweet instant coffee never fails to remind me of Liezl, a former colleague who is a true-blue coffee drinker hailing from Batangas which after all is the Barako land of the Philippines.

I carefully sipped my coffee the way I was taught at work, slowly but loudly I took in the rich, sweet taste of an instant coffee. True to its form, I didn't felt any jolt or sudden rush of energy since this is decaffeinated. After enjoying my coffee while checking my mail, I felt more at ease, a bit sleepy and yes...relaxed. It worked! I love its chocolate-y taste that is just right for non-hard core coffee drinkers like myself.

Don't get me wrong, I am still madly in love with my Starbucks Coffee..nothing and i mean absolutely nothing will beat my tall cup of Non-fat, no foam, Hazelnut Latte. However, I just got to hand it to Nescafe for coming up with a very cool mailer.

As I've mentioned before, I am every marketer's dream and it looks like I am really tempted to keep a secret stash of Nescafe Relax sachets at home in case I just feel like having a mug of decaf coffee and is too lazy to use Papa's coffee maker.

Looking at the mailer one more time, I really miss my IMC days. I know agency life is not really my thing which is the main reason why I chose to go client side but there will always be days when I wish I could use my creative juices by coming up with unique, out of this world ideas to sell my brand. Then again, who ever said I can't?

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