It's always fun to reminisce about the good ol' days!

These were the days when I thought...
... that Santa was real
... that by selling manually typed tv schedules and oven-toaster-baked-banana-cake-made-out-of-ready-to-mix-batters to my relatives would eventually make me a millionaire
... that i can actually have a lil pony out in our garden
... that someday my family and I can live like the Jetsons
... that SUGUS is the best tasting soft candy in the world!

It was pure luck that I chanced upon the present day Sugus that is no longer made in Europe but is now produced in Thailand.

Opening the attractive red tin box, I immediately noticed that it also sports a new square-ish shape as opposed to its old look that resembles that of a tootsie roll or a white rabbit.

Biting into my 1st strawberry flavored candy, I also felt that it isn't as soft as it used to be. However, as the flavor started to come out and as it touched every single one of my taste buds, I was transported back to the time that I was still a little kid, sprawled out in front of our TV, watching one cartoon after the other while enjoying the same strawberry flavored Sugus that my parents would buy for us.

It was then that I realized that I miss my Sugus! I was also delighted that i was able to share my childhood favorite sweet treat with two of my colleagues who enjoyed the candy as well Ü

Sugus can be found in all Rustan Supermarket nationwide.

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