Falling in love with Chocolates

My lil sister is a certified chocoholic. In fact, she keeps a medium sized plastic box in our cupboard where her stash of chocolates are neatly contained. It is no surprise therefore that her boyfriend Jiggy would shower her with sweet chocolate-y surprises every now and then.

Good thing, Pan loves sharing her chocolates with the rest of the family which we are all thankful for Ü For the past year, our lovely wooden cupboard is always filled with all types of chocolates. Since I'm the only white chocolate lover in our family, it then makes sense that boxes and packs of milk and dark chocolates outnumber the lone giant Cadbury White from my beloved Paul.

To celebrate Papa's birthday, Jiggy brought over a clear plastic box that contains an ice-cream-slash-cake-like dessert. As the elegant looking sticker reads Vargas Kitchen my eyes suddenly lit up and my heart gave a tiny leap and a couple of summersaults as I recognized the name that is known for their to-die-for butter cakes.

Over lunch today, Pan and I couldn't wait any further and shared on a medium slice of what Jiggy calls a Chocolate Ice Box Cake. Slicing through the cake was a breeze. Our knife gently glided down through the white creamy frosting, pass the thin chocolate layer and further down to the soft and bouncy vanilla chiffon cake.

I took a small bite and believe me, I was in chocolate-y heaven. Normally, I'm not that crazy about chocolate cakes as I almost-always find it too sweet and heavy for my liking. With the chocolate syrup sliding down, I even asked Pan to spread a little more on my tiny slice which she happily obliged. It was so good that Pan and I stood up after finishing our slice of cake to get another one.

I love how subtle and light the chiffon cake was and the rich chocolate syrup and creamy frosting medley was simply perfect. This is a perfect cake to serve together with a tall glass of wine while bonding with friends.

To order your Chocolate Ice Box Cake, you may contact the Vargas Kitchen at 810-7529/817-8483 or visit them at 49 Pili Ave., Forbes Park, Makati City.

Frannywanny would like to thank Jiggy for the cake!

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