How to live like a King (or Queen)...

Step 1 : Make sure everything you need is well provided for

Most especially during times of emergency! ;)

Step 2 : Get a good massage anytime you need one

Back massage? Hand massage? You name it, Emy can do it!

Step 3 : Indulge on the best desserts to your heart's delight!

Step 4 : Never allow yourself to be bored. Have the best choice of entertainment within reach.

Like the latest movie being shown to keep you updated or available wifi to surf the net ;)

and lastly...

Step 5 : Feast on a meal fit for a King (or a Queen)!

Mine would always be a BK Big Fish sandwich, onion rings and Coke light!

All these are possible at Burger King with branches at E. Rodriguez, Mall of Asia, Glorietta, Robinson Galleria, Gateway Mall, Robinsons Manila, Timog and a lot more!

Photo credits: Paul Ang
Big thanks to and Burger King for this very filling event!


  1. Was the massage free, too? I didn't try that. =) So sad that I wasn't able to see you, but the feast was so good, eh? My mom had a blast!

  2. AJ said he was 'napahiya' daw... What happened kaya with his BK experience?

  3. A masahista in Burget King? That's something new!

  4. @jenn: oh yeah i heard from other bloggers that they were just given a set meal...lucky tayo :D

    @achi didi: yeah...unfortuntely hindi ok ung experience ni AJ :( i think he'll blog about it

    @patty: yeah!! i was shocked too hahaha


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