There's no better time to start but NOW

August 2008 will mark a lot of beginnings for me.

First, there's the start of my new career which is really something great and exciting...

But more importantly, this will also be the month where i'll FINALLY take my first step in having a more healthy and fit lifestyle.

For years I've been wanting to hit the gym/bike/airwalker/threadmill/any form of exercise machine or activity/you-name-it-i've-thought-of-it. Although I've manage to start the routine, after some time and most especially after seeing very good changes, I tend to slack off and eventually forget all about keeping the weight off.

Finally, I've decided that this month I will make that change. Thus, in this blog I will share with you a couple of healthy yet super yummy dishes and recipes that I've discovered as well as short snippets on the things that I will be doing to support my new i-love-myself campaign. Yipeeee!!

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