my 08-08-08


A special day that will definitely be part of history.

This was when...
... the Beijing Olympics opened
... a lot of people participated in the Kasalanan ng Bayan
... I had my first publisher's report.

Ok, so the last one would just be part of my own history but believe me it will be something that I'll never forget. Least to say, it was my initiation as the newest member of the publishers group. The two reports that I made have costs me 5 hectic days, 4 sleepless nights and 3 tall cups of Starbucks coffee (for someone with a tight budget, I was already beyond my weekly limit).

Luckily the meeting went fine.. I was somehow bracing myself for the worst like making a mess, stuttering or simply ending up embarassing myself. Guess my lucky stars were all present that morning that it turned out ok.

Sharing with you all my 08-08-08 photo:


  1. congratz fran! more reports to go! :)

  2. franny! You get free coffee when you were in starbucks right?

    congratulations :D

  3. No more partner discount! :( :p


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