Chinese Home Cooking on a Lazy Sunday

What is a lazy Sunday?

It's when one wakes up just in time for lunch followed by a good thirty minutes of aimlessly wandering around the house and later on, finding herself heading back to bed for nap time.

After a series of weekends with very tight schedules, I woke up today with no agenda or plans in mind. So far, what I've done today was to read the sunday paper, read up on more information about our upcoming trip and laze around the house as I watch my sister and mom leave for the mall.

I love Lazy Sundays though. This is when we get to enjoy Mom's cooking which is normally her own version of well-loved Chinese dishes. On Lazy Sundays, we get to eat crabs, prawns and all of those fresh catch from the market. However, whenever mom gets too lazy to cook on this day, we rely on this particular neighborhood restaurant to serve us their best-sellers.

A couple of years back, Paul and I would have to travel all the way to Binondo whenever we crave for Duck Misua (for him) and Oyster Cake (for me). We would brave the traffic, maneuver our way in getting a good parking spot and take a short walk before we reach our food mecca called Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant.

Today, we don't have to travel that far anymore. Just a couple of blocks away from our respective homes, a new Sincerity branch opens. Called Wu Xiang House of Chicken, this tiny food spot offers most of Sincerity's well-loved specialties. From the Sincerity Fried Chicken (Php. 150 half/300 whole), to my favorite Oyster Cake to Paul's favorite Duck Tong Kee Misua Soup (Ah-Ma-Misua) (Php. 120), it's all here at San Juan City!

Ask a Chinoy where's the best fried chicken place and most likely you'll get another answer aside from KFC. Sincerity has been one of those must-try places in Binondo if you want to try really good fried chicken. It's crunchy on the outside and perfectly tender inside. Put some extra care on your first bite though at it is served piping hot. I guess what makes this chicken addicting is their secret batter and marinade that creates a different taste that will make you go back for more.

Growing up, we never got around to trying oysters and clams as my parents are not really big fans of it. Thus, for 21 years, our definition of seafood mainly consists of fish, shrimp, lobsters, scallops and squid.

Luckily, Paul opened up a whole new world of seafood eating for me -- bringing me to Sincerity one weekday lunch, he ordered a huge plate of Oyster Cake and asked me to try a small piece. I did as told and I was hooked! Since then, it has always been part of my order list wherever we go.

After all, what is there not to like about Sincerity's Oyster Cake (Php. 120 small/180 large)? Served on a huge round plate, this oyster cake looks like your typical egg omelette but is literally bursting with a generous serving of oysters and topped with onion leeks. It is best eaten with ketchup and a cup of Sincerity Fried Rice.

Dining at Sincerity is just like enjoying Mom's cooking. Its simple home-style Chinese cooking will make you want to come back again and again.

Wu Xiang: House of Chicken is located at 213-A Ibanez st. cor J. Abad Santos (behind the old Home Cable office), Little Baguio, San Juan. Call 722-5438 / 727-1390 for inquiries or delivery.

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