Red Mango has finally landed... Manila!

The brand that has converted a lot of frozen yogurt fans in LA, New York, Seoul, Bangkok and Singapore is finally here in Manila to join in the fun!

Since I've been going around town in search for the best yogurt in the market, I've narrowed down my list to Yoh-gurt Froz and Cold Spoon.

Visiting the new Eastwood Mall for the first time was truly a pleasure. My sister, who acted as my tour guide, led me to its restaurant row on the second floor. Quietly tuck at the corner was a small cozy store with a huge door and a bright round signage at the side. I held my breath as I read the name of the store. Red Mango, it said. Without any hesitation, I pushed the door open and walked in. I can't believe it's finally here and it's open to the public!

Surveying its menu, I still ended up with my favorite -- a small cup of original yogurt (Php. 80) with fresh strawberries (Php. 20) and kiwis (Php. 20). I watch as the girl behind the counter prepared my cup of yogurt with excitement. I can't wait to dig in!

I noticed that the serving of their toppings in Red Mango isn't as generous compared to its friendly competitors. I even had to sweet talk the server to add a lil bit more because my cup really looked bare with just a teaspoonful of kiwi and strawberries.

The Verdict

Red Mango's yogurt is a winner! Although, I still love my two favorite yogurt places mentioned earlier, this definitely has landed at the third spot as my top yogurt picks in town. It has the just-right tangy flavor of the yogurt which perfectly complemented my fresh fruit toppings.

However, what I really like about Red Mango is the fact that they have more food and drink offerings such as mouthwatering waffles (Php. 85), green tea latte and frozen yogurt blenders (Php. 125).

It's a place where I can imagine hanging out with Paul or my dearest girlfriends over a cup of frozen yogurt and perhaps a plate of waffles and smoothies.

Red Mango is located at the 2nd floor, Central Park Veranda of the Eastwood Mall (between A Different Bookstore and Thousand Cranes Shabu Shabu). They also have kiosks in Trinoma and SM Megamall.

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