Warning: Hot Crepe, Cold Crepe

Here's a classic story about how service can vary depending on the situation or your customers:

Last Saturday, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the media launch of the newest branch of Crepes & Cream at The Atrium of SM Megamall. I was excited to attend this event as I love crepes and I used to frequent their Podium branch a couple of years back.

I entered the store and immediately smelled the scent of cooking crepes. The aroma just made my stomach grumble and my mouth to water. Finally, it was my turn to place my order and I got a Kani Mango Crepe (Php. 135) because I found out that they add ebiko in it which is perfect since I'm still on my sushi craving phase.

I watched the girl effortlessly prepared my crepe that it got me wondering if it's really that easy to prepare. Here's what she did:

First, she poured the batter into the hot skillet pan

Next, she spread the batter around and smoothen out the sides

Afterwards, she added the remaining ingredients (Kani sticks, Lettuce, Mangoes, Ebiko and Mayonnaise)

She waited for the crepe to cook for a few more seconds and folded it up into a triangle.

Tadah! My Kani Mango Crepe is ready!

I love my chosen crepe because it reminds me of my favorite California Maki. The sweet mangoes are so refreshing and I enjoyed the tiny Ebiko in every bite!

After finishing our savory crepe, we were told to choose a dessert crepe. Oh, I don't think I can take another bite but I happily obliged.

Choosing the sweet crepes was an easier task as I already know what I'm getting. I love strawberries and now that it's still available in the market, I grab any chance that I could have to order it. I chose the Crazy for Strawberries Crepe (Php. 145). This has a scoop of Strawberry Ice Cream with a generous serving of fresh strawberries and a drizzle of Strawberry syrup. You can say it was definitely Strawberry overdose!

My first Crepes & Cream experience was delightful and I was so happy and excited to bring Paul there soon.

The Next Day

After the event, we were given a gift certificate that we can use on our next visit to the store. Yesterday, I brought this with me because I wanted to bring Paul and let him try the crepes too. We entered the store and the girl who prepared my crepe immediately recognized me. She said hello but it was another server who was assigned to prepare my crepe.

I ordered the Kani Mango Crepe for my sister while Paul just got a Strawberry Ice Cream because we had a very filling lunch. I stood by the counter ready to watch the girl prepare my sister's crepe. The store wasn't that busy but it took the girl more than 5 minutes to get started. I even have to ask her if it would take a long time before my order would be ready.

Finally she began with the preparation, she poured the batter and quickly smoothened it out. She added in the ingredients but failed to add in the ebiko. I asked her how come there's no ebiko and she told me that it's out of stock. When I voiced my disappointment to the supervisor, Crys, the server went to the refrigerator and came back with a small container filled with orange ebikos. Ok, so she even have to lie probably hoping that she can get away with it. I was really getting so disappointment considering that I had a wonderful time just the day before. I couldn't help but ask her how come she told me they ran out of ebikos when they still have it. She didn't answer and just ignored me.

As if this is not bad enough, she handed me the crepe with an irritated look on her face and when I reminded her that I'm getting it as a take out, she pouted even more and roughly grab the take out box from the side counter. If only she would just apologize for the poor service and remedy the situation right away. The supervisor, who has witness the whole thing just stood there and continued chatting with one of the girls.

I'm not really the type who would create a scene over a poor service but rest assured, I will stay as far away from the store from now on. This experience got me thinking which service was real -- was it the one that we, bloggers, had yesterday or the one that I just had this afternoon.


  1. Nyeek! Thanks for sharing but too bad that you had to experience this.

    I used my GC's at their Mall of Asia branch. Maybe they should keep an eye on their staff.

  2. Hey Fran! I missed this! I was stuck in traffic along EDSA!! Argh... See you soon!!

  3. Man, that sucks! Feeling ko their sucky service is the real deal. Think about it. Since the first time you went to the Megamall branch was a media event, they'd do everything to wow the attendees. Man. - Aika

  4. so sad nga eh...actually i realized the girl must be new but really i wouldn't mind if she's kalat pa but the fact that she had to lie..tsk tsk

  5. They should do something about the girl. Bad customer service is bad for business. I hope the good service you got on your first day is not just a front just to wow the bloggers.

    I'm not fond of crepes kaya buti na lang I won't encounter the girl...

  6. i want to try it pa naman sana kaso di pala ok ang service. baka tinamad lang yung girl kaya sinabi nya wala na pero meron pa pla. hehe ;)

  7. I think we all know that service improves 200% when there are people around closely watching what they are doing. Imagine what they would do if they knew no one is watching and this proves it. So sorry about your experience.

  8. Hi Franny. That's why invites are not reliable since owner and staff always show their best side. The real deal is what service they really give to their customers - after the publicist has gone :D This happens in places , not just the one you mentioned. Double ouch.

  9. happened to me too, even plurked about it. i called abby of protege and told her about it. sadly crepes and creme have a lot to learn in terms of service. kaya kahit masarap food nila, hindi na ko babalik dun

  10. @arpee: grabe..so im not the only one pala who had a bad experience after a blogger's event. you're right they should address their service issues first before spending on PR kasi sayang :(

  11. my two cents worth...ur not a blogger but a freeloader...and arpee i visited your website...it looks like you've been at it for a long long time.

  12. Hi Mia!

    Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it when readers would leave their comments (be it good or bad) as I love hearing their thoughts as well.
    Re. your two cents above, I'm sorry but I would have to disagree. Yes, as disclosed in my entry, I was invited to attend the media event of Crepes and Cream, and yes, I was given a gift certificate and of course, when given a gift certificate, I dont see any problem in using it right?
    In today's time, a blogger is being considered by a number of big companies and agencies as a part of media. We are what you would call : online media.
    Just like a traditional press who would get invited to events and launches, still, it is their prerogative whether or not they would write about it. As a blogger, I follow the same practice. I do get invited to events and if my schedule would permit I would attend. I go to events simply because: a) I find events FUN and b) I am interested to know more about the product. I do not go to events simply to get a free meal or to be able to bring home free gifts.
    Believe it or not, I do not blog about each and every event that I go to. I choose my topics well and I only you know the amout of time I, and probably other bloggers, would put in for each entry. Furthermore, I write my own thoughts about the product and have never copied anything out from press releases. After all, I want my own voice to be heard.
    As for Arpee, I really look up to him as he has been a very passionate blogger. You should see how he would share his insights during events. He speaks his mind and openly shares his opinions about food, restaurants, leisure venues and a lot more.
    I hope you do understand the passion and effort that we bloggers put in every entry that we post. We are not just there for free meals or freebies, humility aside, majority of us can very much afford more than that thank you very much.


  13. Me thinks Mia Benitez is just inggit..

  14. Hi! Fran,

    I don't know what to say but your blog is one of the most reliable blogs out there and I look up din to Arpee at all times. He's like a pillar of the blogging community.

    Reading someone say that both of you are "freeloaders" hurt my heart and I know by this time many have shown their support for you.

    That comment is totally uncalled for and I do not know what to make of that poster. It does not add any weight to the argument or discussion about crepes and cream.

    I agree that most bloggers can afford more than that.

  15. Ms. Mia Benitez is a super freeloader and a troll hahahaha.

  16. I am not defending Crepes or any other resto but if ever I get bad service, I will go back the second time or even a third time to check it out again just for my curiosity and peace of mind. It has never happened yet.

    Food critics do that all the time. They don't judge a restaurant with one experience alone. Not that I am a food critic. I have yet to experience bad service.

  17. ooppss. i see i hit a nerve (except for noemi who make sense)

  18. wow, napagusapan na pala ako dito. to miss mia, you are entitled to your opinion, as the others are entitled to theirs. :-)

  19. I had a Blueberry Cheesecake crepe at their Podium branch when they first opened and I was gravely disappointed. The crepe contained just a tiny sliver of blueberry cheesecake and then a really big scoop of ice cream. Disappointing to say the least. I had a similar crepe in Tokyo and the blueberry cheesecake filling was a small slice instead of a sliver and they didn't just cover it up with ice cream. I hope they have improved because after that one time I've never had the chance to check them out again.


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